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Pretty Pink Sitting Room

This sitting room is just my style.
Pink and oh so feminine.  I heart that pink divan, it looks so glam
and so comfy, perfect for some reading time.  And the chandy above, oh it looks divine in there.

Pink chocolate macarons... Yum!

I so want to prepare something like this
when my son's friends visit us next week.  Not that they would care
about how their drinks would be served but I would.

What more can I say?
It is just one of those moments.

A bike, balloons, and flowers... yes please.

Another interesting looking door

I am loving lace these days,
and this skirt is gorgeous,
so is the necklace.

 Wow!  Just Wow!

 Can't wait to get my hands on this one.
I know I'm already late.

Lusting after this coat.

Beautiful flowers make me happy.

A Fabulous White Dining Room

What a fabulous white dining space.
I love the skylights in there,
must be really romantic to dine in there during starry nights.
And I love the chairs, nice stud details.

Fab dress... and wonderful pieces of accessories.

Oh what a place...
The color of the waters is truly inviting.

Nice spot to relax.

Just bring some lemonade as lovely looking as this
and you'll always be refreshed.

Couple alert?  Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy in Cape Cod... looks like it.

She always looks good in an LBD,
oh well, she looks good in anything.  A true fashion icon.

Cool and cute!

Yup! that's Prince Harry wearing pink manties...
Nice to know a real prince wears pink.

Such a glam cupcake.

This is heartwarming - A heart-shaped meadow, created by a farmer as a tribute to his late wife, can be seen from the air near Wickwar, South Gloucestershire. The point of the heart points towards Wotton Hill, where his wife was born.

I just love a pink ref.

A Pink Balcony

I know, the balcony is not pink but the chair on it is and the door that opens up to that lovely balcony.
I think it is a perfect reading space for a lovely lady.
Can you see yourself enjoying a reading space like that? Or even
just be in a balcony with a comfy pink chair?
I know I would.

Dream away!

Dare to be different.

Ahh...ooh... looks good, but I just can't.
Even if somebody dare me to.

Lovely doors and windows like this
makes you want to see what surprises are inside.

This looks amazing,
I love purple,
maybe next to pink.
Actually it will be a toss between turquoise and purple.
But love the bike here a lot and the curtains.

Back to memory lane,  
so cute but
I honestly felt a little pain in my heart looking at this pic.

I choose to believe in these things.

Oh to be whisk away to a place like this with a credit card
without limits... dream come true indeed!

Another thing to thank the French for.
Oh actually they are still debating as to where it originated and from whose baker,
I'll thank the French for making it look so glamorous and yum!

Cute and pretty!

Gorgeous... something for me to lust for.

Christian Bale visiting one of the victims of the shooting tragedy.
Love him when he was still Little Women's Laurie
and I love him more now.

A Glam Bathroom

What a lovely bathroom.  So glam.
Love the color of the towels, so feminine.
And look at that tub, it would be hard not to get relaxed in there.
And that mirror, oh so fabulous.

Book love.
Love the bookends.

Such a lovely porch,
wonderful place for tea or just hanging
out with the girls.

Flowers and books,
love them ♥
can't live without them ♥

The world is such a beautiful place,
just look at this.

A perfect spot to be with a loved one.

That bag... so glam.
That shoes... so fierce and fabulous!
Both are drool-worthy.

Speaking of drool-worthy,
all good looking
all talented
all Sexiest Man Alive winners.

Ahhh... Paris. Eiffel... what a structure!

Olivia Palermo stunning in a red Elie Saab creation.

So true...


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