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A Beautiful Rustic Attic Bedroom

Love the look of this bedroom...
I am in awe at the lovely wooden beams
and the chandelier above
and of course
the beautiful arm chair.
Love that the bed has a window behind
it that allows natural light in and 
possibly a beautiful view of the outdoors.

Love the arm candies here,
and oh the purse is absolutely lovely.


I'm still not finished with my gift wrapping duties,
but this gives me inspiration to use quite a lot 
of reds and maybe a few hearts


I am always loving my visits to Atlantic-Pacific, a  fashion blog,
I enjoy looking at those lovely accessories

and fab outfits.

I wish I have a cup like this to inspire me every morning.

Whatever you do,
enjoy it.

So cute!
And I want a cup.

What a view
and a fabulous gown!

This goes straight to my wish list.

What a lovely sight.

Christmas cupcakes... so pretty!

And some cute Christmas Snowman Cookies.

I would so recreate something like this for New Year.
So easy, yet so lovely.

An outdoor space like this
is a dream of mine to have and experience.

I want!

Love the reflection on this mirror.

Lovely shirt
so comfy and chic...
and look at the fab pair of heels.
I wish I could look this good waiting for a taxi
or when out on the streets.

Oh I just love warm fresh-baked bread
and if its with butter, I can't ask for anything more...

Oh maybe a hot choco topped with whipped cream,
mallows, and some shaved chocolate... to go with it.

A lovely couple's coat.

Ladies, remember not to lose sleep 
over the opinion of other people who do not matter to you...
such a waste of time to do that.

Home Office with a Fur

Isn't this home office gorgeous?
I really think it is...
The chair with the fur had me,
oh and that gray wall is just so elegant,
I won't mind staring at it for ideas.
I just love this home office.
 A Man Candy to kick off our week 
to a lovely start.
Isn't Daniel's bod rocking in here?
Fantasy time ladies.

 Happy Birthday Britney!
Remember the time when she was rocking 
the schoolgirl pigtails and belting out...
Baby One More Time?

Or when she was just a kid in
Mickey Mouse Club...
Here's Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake too.

Are you already finish wrapping your gifts?
This is such a glam way to do it,
with pearls, blings, and cameos.

Ahh... warm sock.  I want!

Pink Flowers
I just love them,
any time, any season.

Oh I wish I could find the time
to bake this holiday...
This one looks so yum!

This is so me...

Selena looks gorgeous in this outfit.

Glitter and Leggings Love
Oh they are so comfy and glamorous.

Not only the leggings
but the accessories are fabulous as well.

 This one goes straight to my
wish list.

 Leather Lovin' Time

Leather and Studs

Rockin' Leather

Hearts and Love on sweets

And now I dare show my pudgy little hands
my brother took the shot.

Oh to be so free...

So true...


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.