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A Cool Green Living Room

This living room looks so fresh and cool. Green being the color of nature and life, this room feels so lively and vibrant yet relaxing. Oh, I just adore the different shades of green used in this room, and the dash of yellows and oranges to make it more interesting. This living room is really simple with not very much fixtures, decors, and accents but the combination of colors and textures are enough to make it really look stunning. And the artwork on the right side really looks interesting. I don't know if it's just me but the table looks so yummy to me.


A Sophisticated Bathroom

This is a very sophisticated looking bathroom. I love the immaculate looking bathtub that sits beside wide open windows that allows you to look outside and admire the outdoors while taking a relaxing bath. Or you may opt to pull the luxurious curtains to enjoy a quiet and soothing bath unmindful of the outside world. The big shell above the towel rack that holds some bath products is so cool. Nice walls too, simple yet very elegant, something one will not expect to find in a bathroom but would definitely be in awe to see in one. The arm chair and the lovely table beside it? Oh I know you love it.

Interior Decorator: Joe Nye

A Quaint White Corner Space

This space is charming, unfussy, and peaceful. One can easily feel the warmth and intimate ambiance of the place. The masterful mix of whites and rocks gives this place an authentic feel of nature and earth elements inside the house. The charming white rock staircase has a fireplace dug into it which provides the heat needed on cold days in this tranquil space. This is a really nice place to gather family and friends on a cold day and sip hot coffee, cocoa, or tea while enjoying each others’ stories and tales. The quaint look of this corner space is what makes it so lovely, the old-fashioned windows, the wooden beams, the table and the other fine pieces of antique and decors are just so perfect here.

Interior Designer: Paola Navone

Photo: marie claire maison

A nook with a breathtaking view

This space looks like a deck except that there is huge clear glass that serves as a divider but it also allows one to see through the breathtaking view outside. This wonderful residence is built on a cliff and overlooks the ocean where whales frolicking is just a common scenario and sighting. Oh what luxurious chairs and ottomans – it must so good to have your significant other there with you, to chat, to read books together, or even just to enjoy the stunning view together. And what a nice wood table too, somewhere to put your books, things, and even your cup of coffee or tea while you are relaxing in this luxurious nook with a breathtaking view.

Architecture: Mickey Muennig

Interior Design: Mark Boone of London Boone

Photo: Architectural Digest

A Cozy Red and White Bedroom

I heart this cozy red and white bedroom. It has all-wood interiors, warm lights, and a relaxing feel all around the room. I think I can actually snuggle up in this bedroom even during the day. There’s just something in this bedroom that makes me just want to rest and enjoy a lazy day vacation. This bedroom is void of unnecessary decors and accents but provides you with everything you’ll need to treat yourself to a calming rest and relaxation like the inviting king-size bed and the comfortable lounge chair. Actually, this room has a stunning view of the snow-covered French Alps but you can’t see it from this image so I just included the view you could see from this room, you just need to use a little of your imagination. (Click on the images for larger view)

Photo: L’Etoile-FrenchVillas

A Charming Pergola in the Garden

This charming pergola or gazebo in a lush garden is a great escape right in your own home. It is a great place to spend good times with family and friends or even to hold an al fresco dining to showcase some of your treasured family recipes. I can spend hours in this pergola reading a book or just to do some personal reflections. This pergola is of cedar and the deck is made of mahogany. The vintage teak stools and trestle table made this outdoor space more inviting and relaxed. The big planter and its flowering plant is so perfectly placed at the edge plus the lush garden as backdrop add appeal to this simple but very charming and inviting outdoor space.

Kevin Carrigan and Tim Furzer Cape Cod Cottage

photo: PointClickHome

An elegantly soothing Living Room

This living room is a visual feast. It is soothing, relaxing, and very elegant looking. From the skillful placement of the furniture, decors and accents to the mix of hues applied this living room space has warmth and elegance written all over it. Looking at this living room is like looking at a magnificent vista that’s so inviting you would just want to take a seat and put your feet up and relax and enjoy the sight some more. The use of plants and flowers livens up the space and so does the clever addition of wood shelves where wonderful white treasures are put on display. The wide white glass door and windows that allow natural light to get in to brighten up the otherwise dark surrounding is brilliant. I just adore the rug, well-placed lightings, plush sofa and every chair used in this elegantly soothing living room.

Designer: Jeff Andrews

A Beautiful Cozy Living Room

This beautiful living room looks so cozy and elegant. One has to appreciate the symmetry in this living room, not a thing out of place and everything blends well together, from the pale shades to the colorful pillows and decors to brighten up the room to the mix of textures applied. Resting on the mantel is Roxanne Lowit’s Paloma Picasso, an elegant mirror, a lovely vase with flowers and two little plant pots. The windows allow the natural light to enter during daytime providing the space with enough brightness and airy atmosphere. The Lona Design lounge chairs, the relaxing sofa and the inviting fireplace make this space ideal for comfortable and intimate social gatherings among friends and family.

Architecture: Peter Cebulak

Interior Design: Katherine Newman


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