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A Relaxing Room

I just love this space,
I can't even figure it out if its a living room or a home office or maybe just
a sitting room to relax  or just a simple space to sit around and put one's feet up.
But whatever this room is, I love the relaxing vibe it gives and  the glass 
windows/walls are just amazing in there.  I also adore the little 
clutter here and there which added the easy living feel. And a room with books
is always a good idea for me.

 Currently obsessing this beauty.

 Nice clutch
and lovely cuff.

Oh yes please.

Love this dainty looking 
lace umbrella

Pink Heels

Love the skirt and the bag.

Don't you just love 
a well dressed man in a  bike.

A couple who loves taking photos
and books and kisses too.

 Love the coat.
Love the skirt.
 I seriously love to have both for the holidays.

This... I want... so much!

What a cool way to wear a scarf.
A hot coffee is essential for cold days too.

Another want.

What a gorgeous balcony.

Denim and Polka Dots
and all those lovely arm candies.

A Cozy Living Room with a Fireplace

Love this cozy living room.
Love the fireplace and the glass walls that gives 
a view of the beautiful cold outside world while
sitting inside this cozy and warm living room.

I have been gone for quite awhile for
a much needed rest.  I say listen to your body,
no matter what things you have to do when your body
is asking for a rest, do it! Rest... its the only body you've got.
And I learned it the hard way,
fortunately not too late for me.


Tom Hardy and Christian Bale...
Love them both, a lot!
Both looking good with their beards.

I love keys especially the cute and vintage ones,
but this one managed to put a smile on my face.

 Cute Pink Phone

Colorful balloons always make me feel happy inside.

I just love pancakes,
especially the ones that look this good.

A cool doorknob. 

So sweet! 
Playing chess on a cold night in PJs and foot warmers.

I guess it still holds true,
love is all we need.

Paper Roses.
So lovely.

Lovely cardigan worn backwards.

Love the look.
The long coat and worn out jeans look amazing,
and those arm candies... I so want!

Another amazing look for this season,
the coat, the stripes, the boots.


 A good book
and a cup of tea... perfect!

 When I see beautiful braids,
I regret having my hair cut short.

 What an arm candy.

 Hot Pants!

For a movie buff like me,
this outdoor space is divine.

 Call me old fashioned
but I still love receiving handwritten letters.


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.