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Fresh and Light-Filled Dining Room

 This dining room
is so beautiful
not much in there but the essentials
industrial dining chairs, rustic table, lovely lighting,
and flowers.
The natural light that comes in
is what I love the most
in this fresh dining room.

What do you think they're doing?
Together in a wonderful place
but looking at different directions.

Wonderful world we live in.
Go ahead and explore it.

Sometimes a hammock
is all it takes for me to relax

Putting up our feet is relaxing
although I haven't tried it
wearing heels and a lovely dress.

Hugging someone never fails
to relax me.

Sometimes a good cup of coffee
is what I need to relax.

A cute couple's breakfast.

Pasta and wine
so good together

This looks delectable.

I never say no to anything

Flowers make me happy.

So cute.

Look up and be amazed!

Warm socks and good books
is what I need to stock up
to survive the cold nights ahead,

and classic films as this.

We never  outgrow our love
of red shoes.

nor for tiaras and tulle.

Something so charming
about a girl wearing a lovely dress
and pairing it with a cool sneakers.

Added to my wish list

Love the arm candies here.

Pearls and a pair of sunnies
can complete your outfit.

White, fun, and Fabulous.

Just gorgeous.

White Breakfast Room with Lovely Pops of Color

Taking your first meal for the day in this fresh
white breakfast room with lovely pops of color
would be a good way to
start your day.
Love the multi-colored chairs
and the comfy sitting area by the
window. Nice view from there too.

A quiet bath
with an ocean view like this
is sure to be relaxing.

 There are some things that are just meant for women...

Pink is cool.
And pretty too.

A good book and jewels...
just some of the things that I love.

 Can you relax in hammock
placed way way up there?

 Messy sexy hair and sexy lips

 Love this movie.


 Tea for two... so pretty.
Love the chandy.

 That is an office
and somebody works in there.
Can you?


 This sure is romantic.

Men Candy


 Machu Picchu

Oh Paris!


Preppy and Modern...Lovely.

Turquoise and Gold looks great together 

Lovely Layering

Love the sweater and PJ here

 This necklace is surely
making a statement.



 I need to get a mug like that.

Pancakes with blueberries and cream on top.

Juice on Mason Jars with ribbons...
Sweet and Pretty.

 I just love flowers
they brighten any space
and so does this floral pitcher, cup and bowl.
So very pretty.


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.