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A Dainty and Charming Bedroom

The first thing that attracted me to this bedroom are the luxurious leisure chairs and ottomans in front of the fireplace. Actually, the orderliness of this bedroom appeals to me but of course if I'm actually living there I wouldn't be able to keep it up as spic and span as it is now. A magazine or book would be lying somewhere and the bed would not be as made up as it is now. Speaking of the bed, I just adore it, charming really. I have to confess, I haven't got the chance to sleep on a four poster bed yet but I would love the experience someday, and I hope my first four poster bed would have the romantic soft bed curtains. Just noticed the lightings on this room, I love the chandy and of course the carpet which is not too flashy...just perfect for this traditional dainty and charming bedroom.

Image: Nancy Boszhardt Inc.

A Lovely Breakfast Room

Just look at this lovely breakfast room, what's not to like about it? I especially heart the bay windows and the drapes... so much light and sunshine but so stylish too. I could actually see myself sitting on the bay window seat half-asleep not really minding my breakfast, just lazing around for a couple of minutes before prepping myself up for a busy day ahead. The lamp is also adorable and could be a good source of light on nighttime because if I have this breakfast room this space would definitely be used also for dining at times and a sitting room when my friends visit. Lovely, lovely space.

Image: Sherrill Canet


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