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Time Flies... A Charming Breakfast Room

Wow! Time flies really fast. Last thing I remember its just the holidays and now we are already on the second month of 2012... February, the love month. I hope everybody would get a great deal of love this month... Just remember to spread the love starting today.

I love the cozy look of this charming breakfast room or is it a conservatory? Whatever, it looks wonderful. I love the big clock, oh its just an eye-catcher in there in a very good way. And plants inside especially some lovely flowers is always welcome. A perfect view of the outside garden, the awesome flooring and walls... oh this space just makes my heart long for something like this in my own home.

images: weranda, pinterest

Glamorous Home Office

Glamorous home office eclectic home office

image: houzz

After my blog vacation which is quite refreshing by the way, I was eager to do quite a few posts... but lo and behold all my bookmarked sites and draft posts have been deleted. And try as I may to recover them, I cannot. What's a girl to do? I've decided to start bookmarking sites again and practice some patience, which of course is quite hard to do.

Well, this very glamorous and orderly home office is what I wish my home office looks like. Maybe even if my computer has gone down if I have a beautiful place like this I wouldn't feel bad. Just look at that chair, oh it would be so comfy and wonderful to have a chair like that and all that glam surrounding you. I wouldn't have time to complain if I'm in there... love this home office space so much.


A Luxurious Bathroom with a Spectacular View

Oh my... taking a bath in this luxurious bathroom must feel like heaven. To have a spectacular view as that as I while away the hours relaxing and maybe with a little glass of wine and a nice book at hand would be great. Have you noticed the lovely chandelier above attached to a very high wood ceiling? So lovely isn't it? I know I need to have some time to relax, even weeks before the holidays, I have been working so much...

Purple and Green Bedroom

This purple and green bedroom is not really something I would immediately warm up to, not at first glance at least. But the more I look at it the more I get to like it. At first the wallpaper design is too much for me, but after noticing the white flooring and the big white mirror, the wallpaper looks lovelier in that surrounding. Hmmm... and the green dresser fits right in there too. I love the mess up look of this bedroom too, kinda like mine, always with some shoes around. Nice photo too and I love the vases and the flowers in them.

image: homedecoratingideas4all


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