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A gorgeously fresh and light Open Kitchen

This open kitchen is so gorgeously fresh and light. It is airy and it is white, it is also spacious and has ample of light. Did I just make a rhyme? It must be because of this gorgeous white open kitchen. It has nice eastern pine floors and high ceilings. The chandelier that hangs above the dining table looks so stylish and it has a feminine feel about it with its swirls and twirls. This kitchen gives a relaxing and a very homey vibe from its white walls to its furniture and accents, it will sure make every guest feel welcome and every occasion and gathering filled with warmth. This open kitchen may look a bit old-fashioned for some but its quaint look and structure is what makes it really charming.

photo: Western Interiors

Red and White, everything Festive and Nice

Who wouldn’t be in the mood for some holiday dining and even maybe a little binging in this dining room? This space looks so festive, cheerful, and gay. It is perfect for some holiday entertaining with a few close friends and/or family but it can also be a perfect romantic setting for the holidays for you and your loved one. The red and white combination used in this dining kinda reminds me of the Christmas canes I so loved when I was a child. The hanging red stars and white snowflakes are eye-catchers and their reflection in the mirror adds drama to this red and white space. The white mantle is just the ideal place to put those glittery red and silver holiday decors and accents. And the table setting is just so nice, elegant and chic, yet festive and cozy enough not to intimidate guests to mess it up a little when the holiday foods come and chow time begins.

photo: HousetoHome

A charming Christmassy Nook

This nook is oh so charming. And yes, it succeeds in having that Christmassy feel we are all longing to have during this holiday season. This corner does not use the usual colors we are used to for Christmas, and it may have a blue Christmas motif but still it is not your regular blue color for Christmas, it has aquas, turquoise, and teal complimented by pink, silver and red that just pops out and catches one’s attention. This space shows us that you do not have to be conventional in decorating your home for the holidays and you do not need to have a lot of decors and accents to make your point. This space just needs a few silver balls, gifts, and a little crystal angel to get the holiday atmosphere. I heart the table with its appealing distressed finish that adds to the coziness of this space. Oh and the lovely Ball Lamp is just so perfect here and so is the comfy Berkeley armchair and ottoman that’s just so inviting. I wouldn’t mind putting my feet up and spending a few moments in this charming Christmassy nook.

photo: HomesAndGardens

An Outdoor and Indoor Bathing Space in One

This is a luxurious bathroom, make no mistake about it. It may have a shower outside with its all natural feature and look but just a step away is a luxurious tub and bath space. This bathroom may not be as spacious as most plush bathrooms are but it sure has an airy and roomy feel and setting. You even have access to natural light anytime you want it. You can take showers during the day enjoying some sunlight and even take your showers underneath the moonlight or stars above at night. If you are not the outdoorsy type of bather you can just put your feet up and soak up and relax in the tub inside enjoying the simple yet elegant indoor design of this bathing space. I love the beautiful flower arrangement atop the tree stump inside, it makes the space inside fit with the nature-inspired shower outside.

Designer: Slifer Designs

An immacutely relaxing Home Office

Awww…this is such a nice home office or study. So immaculate looking, not cluttered, and looks so relaxing. The turquoise decors and accents just stand up and the artwork adds up some panache to this calm space. I love a big enough table like this one on my study or home office, makes it easier to sort out my things and gives me enough space to scatter them in front of me when needed. And the storage spaces on the cabinets are very much welcome to any home office or study, a spot to keep some knickknacks or even junk we still want to hold on to, of course I am not advocating you to keep your junk but most women are guilty of it. And as what you might have already notice, this home office will be most likely favored by women like me. But hey, there is no stopping the men to have a home office or study space like this one, after all, the colors used are favored not only by women but also by some men but maybe get a bigger and a more masculine looking chair for men. This is a good design for a coastal home or a beach house, a peaceful space to do some reading or work if needed.

Design: Carter&Company

A Modern Country Living Room

Don’t you just love a white living room? I do. Whites make a space look relaxed and cozy and when you add accents and decors with color they just pop up and brighten the room. Although a white living room may not be easy to maintain I still believe that the beauty and ambiance of it far outweighs this disadvantage. This modern country living room is predominantly white but the red wall just made it come alive. This living room looks simple and very tranquil. The plants, fruits, and even the firewood in the fireplace makes one feel that the place is just very close to nature. I love the rug and the chandelier and the floor lamp too, and oh the painting is just so eye-catching. I heart this modern country living room, don’t you?

photo: Living at Home

So Much Cheerfulness in this Room

This room just exudes a positive vibe. The yellows used in this home space makes it warm, cheerful, and oh so inviting. This space is actually a sitting room but hey, I can also see it as a bedroom and a living room. This sitting room is a good place to have happy conversations and tea or coffee with your friends. The floor space looks so nice and cozy too, friends can simply sit down there during chitchats. I simply adore the daybed and the many pillows on it, so comfy and relaxing, and definitely one of the main attractions of this happy space. Everybody loves to be happy. See the puppy? She's probably waiting for her girlfriends to come over.

Designer: Marcy Masterson

A Dome of Books

A little too overwhelming? Nah! At least not for me. This library might be too big for some of you but I love the grandness of this library. The design is very sophisticated and elegant with its marvelous dome ceiling, its interesting circular structure, and its many built-in bookcases. The comfortable sofa and armchairs with their Brunschwig & Fils slipcover would be relaxing and soothing to any book reader. The plush rugs from Stark add style and color to this very opulent surrounding. It would also be a good place to hold confidential meetings or intimate gatherings. I can see myself comfortably sleeping in that big soft sofa like I always do after a long read. And just to let you know, the second-floor gallery has a secret stairway hidden in one of the bookcases to allow access on books located there. How cool is that, having a secret passage just to get a hold of the book you want.

Architect: Thierry W. Despont

Interior Designer: Vincent Fourcade

Photo: Architectural Digest

An elegant Dining Room with eclectic pieces

This elegantly designed dining room looks so homey and inviting. The furniture and design pieces in this dining room are interesting and beautifully eclectic. The gorgeous modern pendant light, the nice dining table, and the plush woven leather dining chairs makes this dining room very appealing especially for those who appreciates modern and contemporary style. The wooden beams above add a little rustic style and a bit of a cottage feel to this space which makes this dining room really homey. And did you notice the plate décor displayed above the console table? It has a skull for a design, pretty interesting right? I just love the simplicity, clean lines, and symmetry of this elegant and homey dining room.

Designer: Emily Summers

What a Luxurious Bathing Space

This bathroom is so luxurious and plush. Going up to the bathtub one would feel like a diva ready to take her stage or a royalty prepared to sit on his throne. The luxurious window treatments, the lovely plants, and the tub placement itself are so dramatic and beautiful. The high quality materials used which is very evident combined with the very elegant fixtures make this bathroom such a place of luxury and style. I am in awe at how spacious this bathroom is and the ceiling is so lovely with a very dazzling jewel, the blue chandelier that looking up to the ceiling would be such a delight.

photo: Haleh Design Inc.

A Cool Green Living Room

This living room looks so fresh and cool. Green being the color of nature and life, this room feels so lively and vibrant yet relaxing. Oh, I just adore the different shades of green used in this room, and the dash of yellows and oranges to make it more interesting. This living room is really simple with not very much fixtures, decors, and accents but the combination of colors and textures are enough to make it really look stunning. And the artwork on the right side really looks interesting. I don't know if it's just me but the table looks so yummy to me.


A Sophisticated Bathroom

This is a very sophisticated looking bathroom. I love the immaculate looking bathtub that sits beside wide open windows that allows you to look outside and admire the outdoors while taking a relaxing bath. Or you may opt to pull the luxurious curtains to enjoy a quiet and soothing bath unmindful of the outside world. The big shell above the towel rack that holds some bath products is so cool. Nice walls too, simple yet very elegant, something one will not expect to find in a bathroom but would definitely be in awe to see in one. The arm chair and the lovely table beside it? Oh I know you love it.

Interior Decorator: Joe Nye

A Quaint White Corner Space

This space is charming, unfussy, and peaceful. One can easily feel the warmth and intimate ambiance of the place. The masterful mix of whites and rocks gives this place an authentic feel of nature and earth elements inside the house. The charming white rock staircase has a fireplace dug into it which provides the heat needed on cold days in this tranquil space. This is a really nice place to gather family and friends on a cold day and sip hot coffee, cocoa, or tea while enjoying each others’ stories and tales. The quaint look of this corner space is what makes it so lovely, the old-fashioned windows, the wooden beams, the table and the other fine pieces of antique and decors are just so perfect here.

Interior Designer: Paola Navone

Photo: marie claire maison

A nook with a breathtaking view

This space looks like a deck except that there is huge clear glass that serves as a divider but it also allows one to see through the breathtaking view outside. This wonderful residence is built on a cliff and overlooks the ocean where whales frolicking is just a common scenario and sighting. Oh what luxurious chairs and ottomans – it must so good to have your significant other there with you, to chat, to read books together, or even just to enjoy the stunning view together. And what a nice wood table too, somewhere to put your books, things, and even your cup of coffee or tea while you are relaxing in this luxurious nook with a breathtaking view.

Architecture: Mickey Muennig

Interior Design: Mark Boone of London Boone

Photo: Architectural Digest

A Cozy Red and White Bedroom

I heart this cozy red and white bedroom. It has all-wood interiors, warm lights, and a relaxing feel all around the room. I think I can actually snuggle up in this bedroom even during the day. There’s just something in this bedroom that makes me just want to rest and enjoy a lazy day vacation. This bedroom is void of unnecessary decors and accents but provides you with everything you’ll need to treat yourself to a calming rest and relaxation like the inviting king-size bed and the comfortable lounge chair. Actually, this room has a stunning view of the snow-covered French Alps but you can’t see it from this image so I just included the view you could see from this room, you just need to use a little of your imagination. (Click on the images for larger view)

Photo: L’Etoile-FrenchVillas

A Charming Pergola in the Garden

This charming pergola or gazebo in a lush garden is a great escape right in your own home. It is a great place to spend good times with family and friends or even to hold an al fresco dining to showcase some of your treasured family recipes. I can spend hours in this pergola reading a book or just to do some personal reflections. This pergola is of cedar and the deck is made of mahogany. The vintage teak stools and trestle table made this outdoor space more inviting and relaxed. The big planter and its flowering plant is so perfectly placed at the edge plus the lush garden as backdrop add appeal to this simple but very charming and inviting outdoor space.

Kevin Carrigan and Tim Furzer Cape Cod Cottage

photo: PointClickHome

An elegantly soothing Living Room

This living room is a visual feast. It is soothing, relaxing, and very elegant looking. From the skillful placement of the furniture, decors and accents to the mix of hues applied this living room space has warmth and elegance written all over it. Looking at this living room is like looking at a magnificent vista that’s so inviting you would just want to take a seat and put your feet up and relax and enjoy the sight some more. The use of plants and flowers livens up the space and so does the clever addition of wood shelves where wonderful white treasures are put on display. The wide white glass door and windows that allow natural light to get in to brighten up the otherwise dark surrounding is brilliant. I just adore the rug, well-placed lightings, plush sofa and every chair used in this elegantly soothing living room.

Designer: Jeff Andrews

A Beautiful Cozy Living Room

This beautiful living room looks so cozy and elegant. One has to appreciate the symmetry in this living room, not a thing out of place and everything blends well together, from the pale shades to the colorful pillows and decors to brighten up the room to the mix of textures applied. Resting on the mantel is Roxanne Lowit’s Paloma Picasso, an elegant mirror, a lovely vase with flowers and two little plant pots. The windows allow the natural light to enter during daytime providing the space with enough brightness and airy atmosphere. The Lona Design lounge chairs, the relaxing sofa and the inviting fireplace make this space ideal for comfortable and intimate social gatherings among friends and family.

Architecture: Peter Cebulak

Interior Design: Katherine Newman

What a place to start your Day

This is a very stunning outdoor space. If I live here, I would spend every breakfast right in this place. (Oh, maybe not on rainy days because then I would just want to pass up on breakfast and sleep or read a book in my room.) Why wouldn’t I? It’s a perfect place to start a day, a gorgeous view, unpolluted air and lovely surroundings. I would feel like I’m on top of the world and the world is at my feet drama would be appropriate, and literally too. This place is so relaxing, with the trees and plants you wouldn’t even think it’s on a penthouse apartment. The fresh sunflowers make the table setting bright and cheerful. The gorgeous round table and six chairs make a perfect focal point in this outdoor space surrounded by limestone planters with lush plants. This outdoor space is truly one stunning place to start your day and I’m sure it will be a stunning place too to have al fresco dining and romantic dinners. Just add some candles and the place will be cozy and romantic but I’m not going to start with that anymore, you can imagine it yourself how to make this as stunning for dinner as it is for breakfast.

Designer: William Hodgins

A comfortably cozy Media/Game Room

This is a very luxurious yet cozy media/game room. A special place in the house where family and friends can gather comfortably and spend special moments together. Family and friends can enjoy a film, music, or game in this room happily and comfortably. Soft comfortable sofas…check! Right lighting …check! State of the art home theater … check! Warm cozy design …check! Interesting and plush fabrics … check! And if you have any memorabilia to show off this can be a perfect place, right? And if you are Lance Armstrong, seven times winner of Tour de France, what better things to show off than your own winning jerseys in these walls, after all it is not an ordinary achievement and only a few people can top such an accomplishment. I just love the mixture of colors and in this room, not too cheerful and not too dull. The ambience created is just about the right combination needed for a space or room to spend some laidback relaxation and bright happy moments.

photo:Architectural Digest

Cheerful Kids Room

I always believe that there’s no easier way to cheer up a room than to splash it with yellows and oranges. And all kids’ rooms deserve to be cheerful and bright like this one. This lovely room is simple yet attractive, it only has a few things in it but sometimes that’s all you really need in a kids bedroom. It has an impressive white bunk bed and a splash of yellow and orange on the wall. Add just the perfect set of beddings and some cute children’s stuff toys and this kids’ bedroom is already just the place kids would love to call their own private space. See? It does not need to be so spacious to give your children their own haven inside your house.

Design: Amy Lau Design

What more can I say? This dining room speaks for itself.

What can I say? This dining room is so gorgeous. It exudes elegance and sophistication anywhere you look. I just love the idea of using two different set of chairs with different chair coverings. The Swedish whitewashed armchairs look so lovely, charming and comfortable even with its leather covering. The other set of dining chairs matches the Ainsworth-Noah walnut table and the seat covering matches the drapes too. And don’t you just adore the lighting fixtures here? The symmetrically placed chandelier and two wall mounted zinc lanterns completes the elegant and fresh look of this dining room.

Designer: Suzanne Kasler

Photo: House Beautiful

Intimately Sophisticated

This is one sophisticated dining room. It is both grand and intimate. The clear glass walls dividing the dining room from other parts of the house is not restricting and allows one to see the adjoining spaces, and the ready curtain allows the possibility of having intimate dinners and even private meetings in this dining room. The palettes used in this room speak of elegance, style, and sophistication. I am not much of a fan of wood paneling but the wood paneling here gives the room a refined and warm look. There is not a tasteless element nor a flashy piece of item in this dining room. I adore the eight light chandelier hanging at the center and above of the simple yet impressive wood dining table, and if there is one piece I can take to my house from this room that chandelier would be it for me. The dining chairs with its stripe design just put the needed amount of liveliness to make this dining room not just sophisticated but friendly and warm as well.

Designer:Barbara Scavullo Design

A little too romantic?

I think this bedroom is adorable. It might be a little too girly for your man companion if you already have one but I’m pretty sure most women would want to sleep in this kind of bedroom. It might also be a little too romantic a bedroom, but I know quite a few single women who would prefer to sleep in this kind of bedroom while patiently waiting for their destined romantic partner. It is a dreamy bedroom and I like the window with its sitting space where you can sit and watch the pouring rain on rainy days or where to sit and look at the lovely flowers and plants in the garden on sunny days. And I love the fabrics in this room, look so luxurious and soft especially the beddings, makes it so inviting to just rest on the bed and sleep for hours comfortably. Even the headboard fabric from Christopher Norman looks so lavish and elegant. And the bench, notice the Reymer Jourdan bench, it is just so elegant looking and compliments with the bed very well and with the whole bedroom ambiance. And I know I do not need to point you to the charming wall, it is already quite an eye-catcher. So, what do you think? Is this bedroom a little too romantic for you?

Designer: Sandra Nunnerly

Plush Purples

I love the use of the color purple in this living room. Actually, this is just a part of a living room. Purple is a color of luxury and authority and this room exudes so much luxury and elegance. The Andromeda painting by Tamara de Lempicka shows a very distinctive art deco style of this living space. The 1930 sideboard by Eugene Printz with accordion-folded doors is very impressive, isn’t it? But what really pops my eyes when I look at this space is the pair of late-1930s purple American club chair and the luxurious circa 1930 rug in different shades of purples, yellows, and browns. Ah … I’m already dreaming relaxing in those club chairs with wine in hand and a good soothing music in the background.

And oh, this living space is by the way just a part of Pop Queen Madonna’s Manhattan Upper West Side abode.

A laid-back White and Turquoise Bedroom

I love looking at this image of a white and turquoise bedroom. Actually, it is more of a white and different shades of blue bedroom, but I like the turquoise shades of blue here, so that explains title. It looks so simple, relaxing, and fresh. Notice the chandelier? It is so adorable looking, so perfect for this room. I also like the two charming windows that allow natural light to get in this laid-back bedroom. And the plaid blanket is just simply an eye-catcher.

photo: Martha Stewart

Simple yet Elegant

This is one dining room that is simple yet has an elegant style. Its design style is contemporary. I love the clean lines, smooth surfaces and its having no complicated details around. The neat and organized appearance of this dining room makes the space warm and at the same time functional. There is no superfluous element to distract anybody’s attention from the main purpose and function of this room but at the same time the space looks livable, comfortable and stylish. I just adore the framed wall decors and chandelier. Sometimes all it takes is a good design idea from a very talented designer to inspire us to create a lovely space.

photo: Eric Henderson

My Kind of Kitchen

I love rustic style kitchens because they look warm, cozy, and charming. Whenever I see a rustic/western style kitchen that is beautifully designed it gives me an old fashioned feeling of family, love, simplicity and togetherness. I saw this Rustic/Western Style kitchen design in Western Interiors and Design and I was in awe of its beautiful design coupled with sensible functionality. The moss rock fireplace and wooden beams are simply charming. The kitchen plate racks are immaculately placed and balanced near and just above the white farmhouse sink. This is the kind of kitchen that I would love to have for our weekend house. I love a kitchen with a beautiful kitchen island that will allow me to have extra working space when preparing meals and with enough storage space for pots and other kitchen utensils. This is a spacious kitchen that will also allow family members and friends to engage in good conversations while the cook is preparing a sumptuous meal for family and friends.

Designer: Victoria Hagan
Photo: Western Interiors and Design

A Charming Country Cottage Kitchen

(Click image to enlarge)

This country cottage kitchen looks so charming with its mostly white furniture and walls. The blues, greens and yellows made the space look so radiant and lively. I so love the distressed white round table, so inviting with its fresh flowers, fruits and candles. And the rug underneath is striking with its blue and white stripes design. This kitchen makes you want to have a white kitchen of your own and not care about the intricacies of how to keep it look immaculately clean nor care about the maintenance of having one. The blue bottle and glass collection adds to the coolness of this space, makes you think of the beach or a place of vacation and holiday. And did you see the yellow ceramic display? Yes, the one with a pan on it, it is a little décor detail that reminds you that this is a country cottage kitchen and a very charming one at that.

photo: Scott Sanders

Love this Entryway

I so love this entryway because of its refreshing colors. It is not everyday that you get to see an entryway with this shade of pink with whites and when you do as in this case, it is a real treat. I also adore the high white wooden beams with its simple design and the white ceiling fan that hangs over this space. The elegant white and gold wall sconces are also just perfect for this relaxed, refreshing, and lovely entryway.
photo: Antonia Hutt

A Living Room with a View

This stunning living room with a view is a perfect space for a vacation house. Heck, it will be perfect even for an everyday house. You know … the one you actually go home to everyday. I don’t know about you, but I’m quite sure that I will not tire to have the view of the ocean right in front of my living room. The comfortable sofas coupled with two impressive lounge chairs, the lovely wooden beams on the high ceiling, the vases stylishly placed on the top wall shelf are just some of the things that make me crazy about this living space. And oh, did you see the wood coffee table? It’s gorgeous isn’t it?

photo: DouglasDurkinDesign


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