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A charming Blue and White Bathroom

I love the blue and white color combo. It is simple, easy on the eyes, time-tested and relaxing. Makes you think of skies and seas. And when this color combo is used in a bathroom, you'll definitely end up with a gorgeous bathroom that is serene, laid-back, relaxing, and neat looking. I heart the powdery blue wallpaper in this bathroom that complements the almost all white surroundings. The claw-foot bathtub is gorgeous as well as inviting plus the his-and-hers sink is definitely a dream for me. Candles and flowers for me is a must in my bathroom, definitely scented candles and only fresh flowers will do. Oh and a mirror too, every woman wants to look in the mirror after taking a bath, preferable while drying her hair and body with fresh soft towels.

image: MyHomeIDeas

A Fabulous Bedroom

This is such a fabulous bedroom, clean white sheets and white curtains always get me when it comes to bedrooms. I know white sheets need to be replaced frequently but I love them. The rug is such a delicate touch in this bedroom and it being white and a bit fluffy may raise maintenance concerns too, oh but it looks so great in there. The turquoise chair is divine, right? It must be so lovely to spend some time in there reading with that gorgeous chandelier above to illuminate. Oh and I love the door that leads to that veranda, it looks spacious too and allows natural light to get in, too bad we can't see what's in there.

image: Burnham Design

A Small Girly Bedroom

I could definitely sleep here... this girly bedroom looks really inviting. Love the white brick wall behind the bed and did you see the carving details on the bed? Love the crystal chandelier, the gold mirror, and even that little floral lamp. I love the simplicity of the soft curtain, and that chair...oh I can see myself sitting and reading there, wrapping that lovely shawl to keep me warm and maybe a hot choco to be placed beside that clear vase.

image: InteriorAlchemy


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