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Charming Pink Dining Room

I know this dining room is not pink at all
in fact, 
it is only the dining chairs that are pink
but its the pink color of these chairs that stands out
to me in this charming dining room.
The table is equally charming
and lovely as the chairs
but pink really calls my attention
for just like most girls and ladies
I love pink even in interiors of the home
especially when used skillfully
to accentuate the loveliness of a space.
And oh the lighting is perfect too.

Oh bread,
how I love thee. 

Hmmmm I could almost smell 
the fantastic scent of bread
from this pic.

 An endearing pic.
I just do not know the original source
of this pic.
I'm assuming a loving grandfather
with his grandson on a bike run for a bread.
Cool matching hats.

A truckload of bread

Oh so cute.
The matching stripe shirts,
the hats, the kids,
and the bread.
Oh they are probably French.


Bread and flowers,
so welcome to my doorstep.





 Evening gown by Piere Balmain, 1956.



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