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A Lovely Little Balcony with Purple Shutters

Yes!  It's the weekend.  Time to relax and take it easy.  And today I am loving the image of this balcony, not spacious but oh so lovely with its purple shutters and flower boxes.  And there's a chair too, maybe I can do some people watching in there, Yup! guilty! I do that... not too nice but I do keep my opinions to myself especially if I'm not with friends, you know, coz' when I'm with girl friends and we're people watching we sometimes get too opinionated especially on little things like shoes, clothes, bags. On second thought, maybe I'll just have coffee alone and have a nice book to read.  Enjoy the weekend everyone..

Beautiful Red Bridge in Japan

Oh my, this is such a beautiful red bridge.  Wish I could someday get the chance to cross this bridge and cure my fear of heights.  People say that we have to face our fears, and I do have a serious fear of heights I sometimes tremble when in high places especially those with glasses where I can see how high I am, I really need to stay away from the edge, but maybe my fear would go away because of the beauty of the surroundings here.  But its a long bridge to cross maybe I'll faint before I get to the middle.  No idea why I'm sharing this with you.  Anyways, have a happy weekend everyone. Enjoy!

Stonewalls and Tree Stumps on a Dining Room

I love this dining room.  I am a sucker for stone walls in interiors and this one is one of my faves since it also has lots of whites and natural tree stumps for table legs, how cool is that.  There are exposed wood beams above too that adds a lot of warmth and rustic feel in this lovely dining room.  And that huge window that allows natural light in and I'll assume the view would be lovely too.

A Glam Home Office

Wow!  So Glam... I love everything about this glamorous home office.  From the chandy to the desk and uber lovely chair I am in awe.  Love the mirror and of course the lovely wallpaper that extends to the ceiling.  Oh and that round white rug, isn't it divine... Oh I could actually see myself working in there, sorry fashionable and glam ladies, in my PJs.  I love doing things at home wearing PJs, you know I want to be comfy in my own home.

A Quiet Nook Filled with Flowers

I just heart a quiet nook, a little space where I can contemplate or read or just simply enjoy the surroundings.  This one is pretty special isn't it? It has lots of natural light, lots of beautiful flowers, and a space to share time, conversation, and drink with a friend or two.  Oh I could be alone and I'd still be happy in a space like this.

A Hammock on a Pool

A hammock on a pool, I say so very convenient... after a little nap or drink one can just fall down straight to the pool and enjoy the waters.  Love the idea. 

A Charming Pink Bedroom

This is one gorgeous and very charming pink bedroom, and quite spacious too.  I never thought that a bicycle in a bedroom would look so cute.  Actually, the lived in feel of this bedroom is also charming its like the lady of the bedroom has just woke up and gone to the bathroom for awhile.  Love it ♥

Here's a reminder for all you lovely ladies out there.

A Shabby Chic Bedroom

 Dying of Cute

What beautiful bedroom, so laidback, so relaxing.  That is what I like about this shabby chic bedroom.  It is so lovely how the sunlight gets in, so dreamy.  And I love the headboard and the old door behind plus the bedsheets look so soft it is so inviting.  No wonder the cute dog is enticed to take it easy for a little while in there, and who wouldn't?

A Reading Nook with a Perfect View

  What a nook.  Perfect for reading and for having some time alone.  A space to quiet the mind and just relax.  And with bonus of a perfect view.  Seeing spaces like this make me long to have a few days of relaxation and a chance to read books I've bought but never even opened up again after purchase, and yes I have lots of them.  Oh well, maybe that day is coming soon.  I must make time for myself... and so do you lovely ladies.

Charming Dining Area

What a lovely dining space, not too big but definitely charming.  I love spaces like this, lots of light with high ceiling, beautiful flooring and with touches of floral patterns and real flowers.  

Today its raining here and I'm alone at home, I will definitely enjoy this rainy day, a perfect day it will be for me to blog surf and site surf and read a book after I make a hot choco so that when my son gets home from school we can eat cookies and enjoy the hot choco together. And then, I'll go catch up and watch a movie, an old favorite or something I've been wanting to watch on the theater but did not have the time.  Just wondering, when you watch movies at home, what do you end up watching? An old favorite or a new one you missed seeing on the moviehouse?

 Two quotes for a better life...

A Romantic Bedroom

This bedroom looks awesome, so romantic and oh so  lovely.  And did you even notice the capiz chandelier? Isn't it lovely.  And you know me, I'm a lover of white floors.  I think it is easy to think that something wonderful is going to happen when you get to wake up in a romantic bedroom like this.

A White Fence Full of Flowers

Love this image... so lovely.  A fence full of flowers and plants. If I have a fence like this, I'd be whistling a happy tune everytime I come home.  Oh I'd be taking my gardening seriously if I have to maintain one as gorgeous as this.  And I'd definitely be taking lovely pictures all time.

A Gorgeous White Nook

Isn't this nook wonderful?  I love the whiteness of it all.  It is gorgeous, from the white floors to the white walls, to that single comfy chairs, a teapot and cup on the floor, the simple round rug and that lovely ceiling above with beautiful details.  Oh the pillow, I love its color, delicate and perfect for that all white space.  And the jar/vase is not to be outshined, it is perfect there, a lovely welcome to one gorgeous space. This is not just a nook or a sitting space, the entryway and how it is done is perfect for my taste too. It is such a calming space, so just a reminder to all of you today, Keep Calm and Carry On.

A Romantic Bedroom

 I heart this romantic bedroom, looks very inviting and with lots of feminine touches like the lovely flowers, the delicate soft fabrics, and even the artwork.  I bet I'll have lots of happy and sweet dreams if I sleep in a romantic bedroom like this.  But of course, the hubby needs to be there beside me to make this romantic bedroom complete, the only problem would be is that my hubby is not into this kind of style, maybe I'll just take away the flowers on the floor and the curtains on the side walls and he'll be okay with it.  Oh, good thing there's such a thing as blogging, I can afford to just blog my dream rooms such as this romantic bedroom.

Beautiful White Breakfast Nook

I am loving this breakfast nook in all its whiteness and little pops of blue and turquoise.  Love the booth because it provides intimacy and comfort and I just really love booths, when we go to diners, I would look first if there's a booth available.   The metal chairs are cool and the 1960s chandelier is lovely in there too.  I really do love this space.

A Simple and Relaxing Guest Bedroom

I love how relaxing this guest bedroom is... love the light turquoise color/light green color palette used.  Simple furniture but charming.  And yes I did notice that little heart in that table's drawer.  Little things like that makes my heart sing.  Have a lovely day everyone and below is a quote I love.

A Lovely Outdoor Setting

What a lovely outdoor table setting complete with chandelier.  I love how romantic it looks and I adore that rustic looking table.  Happy weekend everyone and Happy Father's Day to the special men in our lives, yay for our fathers and the father of our child/children.

A Reading Nook with a Swing

  What a wonderful space.  I seriously love it, if I have a reading nook like this in the house I would be one happy lady.  Just imagine, a swing and loads of books and probably a great view, just wonderful, and yes, our dogs can accompany me once in a while.  Have a lovely day everyone ♥

A Lovely Rustic Space

Oh what a lovely space, a simple nook with just a little table in between two chairs, with unmatched fabric covers at that, but very lovely in its rustic perfection.  The beautiful big chandelier above and the distressed doors are all adding up to the coziness of this nook.  The ceilings, walls, and floors are all perfect if you ask me.

I'm having a very busy week, hope yours is more laidback and stress-free.  Love this quote below.

Dining Room with a View

Isn't this dining room gorgeous?  Love the high ceiling and that wonderful glass walls and the glass door that opens up to a wonderful outdoor space, looks perfect to me.  And what a view too.  Oh to start the day having breakfast in there would be heaven.  I'm just looking at this dining room but I'm wondering how the whole house looks like, its that great looking. Its like looking at a man's eyes in a photograph and you're easily mesmerized and charmed and you want to see how the whole face looks. Hmmm... I'm really intrigued and would love to see the whole house so if you know where I can take a glance at it, please feel free to send the link.  Have a wonderful week ahead.

image source 1 and 2: takemetoheaven

A Cozy Dining Room

I love this cozy dining room. Just look at that charming old door frame turned into a lovely dining table, and its white...nothing beats white for making a cozy and relaxing space if you ask me. Simple, but oh so charming just a glass top to add some shine. Love the simple shelves too and the bench with some storage space below, I think that's a brilliant space saving technique.  And for me that lovely chandelier adds so much charm in this cozy dining room.

Just a little quote for you this weekend.

Double Porch Swings

  How time flies...really... now we are beginning the month of June.  Oh I just want to relax.  Put my feet up and read books, have a massage, go to the beach while it is still summer.  Or maybe just  have a quiet time, have a spectacular view to look at for hours or still just a little space to sit and relax for awhile... I think these swings would do just fine and look at that view.  Wow! how calm, serene, and lovely this porch is.



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