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Dining Room with Skylights

Love this beautiful dining room
with high ceiling and skylights,
so extraordinary
so divine.
I love the tufted banquette
and the distressed paint on that
dining table.
Lovely chandelier
and all those big glass windows
are perfectly gorgeous.

Yup! This is a cake.
Charming, Rustic, and Dreamy.

Mr. Daniel Day-Lewis
Such a fine actor
the only one who can boast of winning
three Academy Awards for Best Actor.
56 today and still looking so cool
with all those tats and silver hair.

Gorgeous dress
love the back pearl details

Turquoise shoes and bag...fab!

Lovely arm candies
I just love stacked bracelets.

Elegant bun with braids



Pink and Blue
so good together

Such a lovely glam cover up.

Oh gosh,
I heart this gorgeous fringe bag.

Super Gorgeous!
Denim with studs
and lots of jewels.


Golden Gate bridge - opening day. 1937
Lots of people
few cars. But that was then.


Geiranger fjord, Norway
What a spot to take in all that
marvelous view.

Relaxing White Bedroom with a View

Isn't this white bedroom
And how cool is that view
from there?
Love it ♥


 Musical Freeway, Los Angeles, California.

What a place.
In Italy of course.

A flower and a coffee.
Make it mine.

I love a messy bun on weekends.

Love this look!
So carefree
and so lovely.

This is a brat
I love.

I want it all!

Love this chic and casual look.
Love the blings!

Balloons just make me happy.

A couple's bike.
so sweet and I love it!


This looks so liberating.
I wish I could.

What a lovely arm party

So idyllic.
This may be one
of the reasons why I love the
color turquoise

Love this al fresco dining area
Love the lights.

So cute!

A Chic Living Room

Love this chic living room
with its black & white
color combo
and a Pink & Orange rug.
Love the ghost chair
paired with a striped black
and white sofa, very clever designing.

Just wow!

Such a gorgeous setting.

Love this look!

I heart this gorgeous Elie Saab gown.
Love the color.

This is super duper fabulous!
The nail color and the rings...Wow!

This would be me in three days
we will be hitting the beach again.
It is summer in here
and there's no place to be but the beach
relaxing and taking a break.
A little cocktail would really be nice.

Don't you just love Betty?

So cute!

What an amazing
statement necklace.

An amazing Falls in Iceland
Don't you just love
the world we live in.

 What a lovely bookmark.
I heart it.

So classy
So Chanel

Love this relaxed
and carefree look.
And check out the fashion accessories,

Lovely stained glass window reflections
And look at that architecture.


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.