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A Beautiful White Corner

What a beautiful white corner.
Bright and and has a garden view.
I can talk on the phone for hours there
with just a steaming cup of coffee,
I know I can.
And I miss that kind of telephone,
heavy but I don't know how I did manage to speak on it 
for hours.  Oh such a pain on the ear and arm but I love it.  
Those were the days.

 Hopes and dreams,
always keep them with you
and nurture them.

Sweater love,
layering beauty.

Oh that shoes!
Oh that Bag!

Super cute envelops.


Love it

What a place!

 Fierce arm candies.

For all the wonderful ladies out there.
No matter what troubles we may have right now
never forget you are beautiful inside and out.
Thanks Channing.

 A steaming cup of coffee

 and a lovely pink cupcake,
I want!
As in now!

Stud love.

 Designer cupcakes

Do you still remember the times
you played Spin the Bottle?
Fun right?
I'm the kind who always choose dare than truth.

 This I'd love to do,
oh maybe this weekend.

A Lovely White Kitchen

What a beautiful white kitchen.
Love the breakfast nook near the glass windows
that brings in so much natural light.
Love the high ceiling
and the many storage spaces.
Those lovely flowers look divine in there
providing the much needed lovely pops of color.

Need this.
Want this.

What a lovely balcony
full of flowers.

Oh I love the Little Rascals
especially Alfalfa

I want!

I am quite obssessing
outfits with studs and spikes.

 Books and Vintage Keys
just some of a few of my favorite things.

Flowers, Mags, and a beautiful bag.

I heart this photo.

A little fashionista,
its never too young to start loving fashion.

Beautiful layering of outfits
from the Blonde Salad
and I love the necklace.

A pic of flowers on a bike
always make me feel happy inside.

What a grand celebration.

If you think Mickey Mouse is just for Disneyland,
think again,
he fits in wonderfully in Paris.

A Bathroom with a View

 It is the weekend once again.
Enjoy! Have a great time.
Oh, but if I have a bathroom like this
going out on weekends would be trumped anytime
by relaxing here.
With a view like that,
hours will surely be spent here.

There are times when you just got to jump for it.

Books and flowers
they look so good together.
Even for a table setting.

Love their outfits.
Envy their kiss.

Love that coat.
Olivia always make dressing up look so easy.

Lace shorts and sweater
yes it can work.

This is so me.

This only proves that Paris
is home to so many architectural beauties.

Love the ruffles!
Love the arm candies!
And yes those rings rock!

Little cute fashionista.
She's so ready for Fall.

Lavender Fields
I could just imagine how magical it would be to be there
and the scent would be divine.
Oh I think I would wear white too.

Such a lovely outdoor setting.
I love the gown-like chair covers.

 Looks like from one of those fairy tales
we know so well.

Oh yes please...
and I'll take that with
the Tiffany Blue colored cupcake.

How do you bite something so beautiful?


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.