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Our Christmas Trees

We have two Christmas Trees in our house. The one is big which is in the living room and there is another one in the dining room which is little but has its own charm. From my family to yours...Merry Christmas everyone:)

Here's our musical angel on top of our Christmas Tree

We settled for an orange, green, and gold ornaments this year.

This is the little one on our dining table.

As you can see, it is about time for me to buy candles for my candelabras.

Happy Holidays!!!

Christmas Tree by the Pool

This Christmas Tree looks nice, fresh, cool and lovely. Love the idea of having a tree by pool and probably a Christmas celebrated by the poolside too. Children would definitely have so much fun in the pool during Christmas time, I know my son would, but of course if you live in a snowy place this idea could just be a dream... but just the same it is still so much fun to decorate outdoor spaces for the holidays with or without the snow, makes the home much more cheerful and festive.

image: Coastal Living

A Snowy Christmas Themed Living Room

Click on the image to enlarge

I did a bit of blogsurfing today and boy does almost everyone in the blogosphere is into Christmas decorating already. And why not? We could already feel the chill and everywhere we go decors abound. I love this living room from Living Etc. magazine's December 2010 issue.

A mid-century Modern Narnia with a pull-out-the-stops mural as a backdrop to a shimmering icy tree. Lay a powder-snow-soft rug for the perfect Christmas morning scene. - Living Etc.

I just love those Arne Jacobsen leather Swan Chairs, perfect for the snowy Christmas theme. And did you notice the wire design side table? I did, the one with the vintage silver goblet with small turquoise bow, it is so fab. Speaking of the turquoise bows, the turquoise bows on the Wall Winter Scene wallpaper mural is an eye-catcher and of course so is the lovely mural plus the frosty spray on the windows makes one feel the spirit of the season right away. The grand Christmas Tree with its gorgeous silver baubles is the heart of this Snowy Christmas themed living room. And the Camana Ecru Rug is gorgeous, I'd be glad sit or lie in there while opening my Christmas presents.

A Lovely Bathroom

My heart skipped a bit when I saw this lovely bathroom. Oh everything in it is perfect. From the white tub and its lovely faucets to the lovely chandelier that would provide warm lighting for night baths and relaxation. I'm in love with the rough flooring of this bathroom, for sure I would not slip and it gives a rustic and cozy feel. And a little veranda on a bathroom? Why not?

A Colorful White Bedroom

I heart this room. This colorful white bedroom, (I know if its white, it must not be colorful but this one is) is what I really want and need right now especially that my cough and colds are on a high. The white walls, ceilings, and marvelous white floor really made this room so very relaxing and the colorful elements inside it especially the fabrics makes you feel the sunny and fresh vibe of this bedroom. And I love the lamps, especially the reading lamp beside the fab round green pillow. I love reading before sleeping, and yes, sometimes even when I have cough and colds I read before sleeping. The chic chair, the lovely tables, the simple painting, and especially the blanket makes this white bedroom so lovely and so inviting. Actually, this white bedroom is my kind of bedroom these days.

A Home Office with an Inspiring View

Wow! what a view. If I have a view like that while posting on my blog, I think I can write really cool stuff that would dazzle even the smartest one in blogosphere:) Okay the table could be a little bit wider because I love working on a wide space, too many papers and knick knacks around my desk, oh but I definitely love the bookshelves on both sides. And the tufted chair puts a little glam on this home office plus the pink flowers puts a touch of warmth and coziness. Actually, flowers are welcome in every place of my house because wherever there are flowers the place becomes more inviting. The only downside I can think of if I have a view like this is that I could spend hours staring out and not be able to do a thing at all.

Image: My Ideal Home

Reds are a Blue and Green Dining Room

click image to enlarge

I just love how the reds are popping in this blue and green dining room. The chandelier and the lamps are so gorgeous I really would welcome them in my own home. And reds really look good with white, I think we all learned that already when we were in grade school learning about the flags of different countries. The wenge finished dining table is also a presence, it is simple yet sturdy looking, I actually like that in dining tables. The dining chairs are so lovely having two different upholstery pattern for front and back that matches the color of the walls and curtain. Oh I still can't get enough of the reds in this dining room.

Image: Freshome

Chic and Cozy White Living Room

I love everything about this chic and cozy living room. Nice floors, comfy sofa, splendid light fixtures especially the chandelier above, lovely rug, its spaciousness, its white walls and ceiling, the elegant design of the wallpaper and of course the smart and skillful interior designing done to come up with this immaculate living room.

Image: Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör

Award Time

I got an award from Chandler of Girly Girl Moments. Thanks again:)

The rules:
  • Post who gave you this award
  • State 10 things you like
  • Give this award to 10 blogger friends and notify them with a comment.

Ten Things I Luvre
1. My Family
2. Travel
3. Good Food
4. Music, Movies, Books
5. Flowers
6. Cosy Home Spaces
7. Loyal Friends
8. Scrapbooking
9. Happy and Meaningful Conversations
10. Life and Love

A Fabulous Living Room of Color and Spectacular View

This living room is just so fabulous. It is so relaxing yet not lacking of color and energy. I love the splash of colors in this living space, from the needlepoint pillows that make themselves noticeable even after your eyes pop out of appreciation for the comfortable sofa covered in blue and white fabric from Brunchwig & Fils, to the four deep-seated armchairs with blue, green, and white diamond pattern with its silver scroll detail, and the carpet that matches the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The white walls and white round coffee table provides the calm and tranquil side of this living room plus the coral on top of the table is a reminder that this is a tropical haven. And who wouldn’t love to have a large expanse of glass that gives you a spectacular view and lots of natural light?

image: Florida Design Magazine

interiors: William Diamond and Anthony Baratta

This is one Luxurious Bathroom

This is one Luxurious Bathroom. This bathroom sure screams opulence. From the first time you look at it until the time you really take a good look at each design element and items in it you know that this bathroom is uber luxurious. Because there are room spaces that at first glance you think is so opulent but when you really take a look at it you know that it is not so. But this bathroom is luxury all the way, with its floor to ceiling covered with Calcutta Gold Marble, its copper bench chair paired with an antique lounge chair, a lovely terrace, and a very peaceful and picturesque view of the ocean. It looks so immaculate, spacious, bright and airy, just my kind of bathroom that I could spend hours in doing a lot things other than taking a luxurious bath.

image: Bjorn Bjornsson

Orange and Pink Nook

The moment I saw this pink and orange nook I gasped at its beauty, I could feel my heart doing its happy dance. Maybe its a girl thing that we love pink so much even when we're already past our teen years for when I showed it to my hubby, he just had a blank look on his face and somewhat oblivious as to why this image of a nook gives me so much joy. And orange...oh its really the It Color these days, it is so vibrant and makes any space look cheerful and full of positive energy. Pink + Orange color combo really appeals to me, and this little corner or nook which is an extension of the equally lovely neutral living room is a feast to the eyes. Love the table and chairs, the wall and the frames, the long orange drapes, and I just adore the transparent pendant lamp from Kartell. Hmmm... but the living room also has so much treasures in it...oh but maybe some other time.

image: BOLIG

A mix styled Dining Room

It's really hard to design a room using mix styles. But this dining room from Wary Meyers succeeds in creating a lovely dining space blending elements of modern and traditional styles of designing. The modern dining chairs and table go well with the delicately designed traditional wallpaper, wooden cabinet and the red brick wall. The chandelier creates a statement of its own and since I love wooden floors I so heart the fab wooden floors in this dining room. And I'm sure this dining room is more airy and brighter than it looks because of the tall windows on the wall. This lovely dining room is a testament that an elegant and sophisticated look can be achieved with a fusion of modern and traditional style.

Image: Wary Meyers

A Dainty and Charming Bedroom

The first thing that attracted me to this bedroom are the luxurious leisure chairs and ottomans in front of the fireplace. Actually, the orderliness of this bedroom appeals to me but of course if I'm actually living there I wouldn't be able to keep it up as spic and span as it is now. A magazine or book would be lying somewhere and the bed would not be as made up as it is now. Speaking of the bed, I just adore it, charming really. I have to confess, I haven't got the chance to sleep on a four poster bed yet but I would love the experience someday, and I hope my first four poster bed would have the romantic soft bed curtains. Just noticed the lightings on this room, I love the chandy and of course the carpet which is not too flashy...just perfect for this traditional dainty and charming bedroom.

Image: Nancy Boszhardt Inc.

A Lovely Breakfast Room

Just look at this lovely breakfast room, what's not to like about it? I especially heart the bay windows and the drapes... so much light and sunshine but so stylish too. I could actually see myself sitting on the bay window seat half-asleep not really minding my breakfast, just lazing around for a couple of minutes before prepping myself up for a busy day ahead. The lamp is also adorable and could be a good source of light on nighttime because if I have this breakfast room this space would definitely be used also for dining at times and a sitting room when my friends visit. Lovely, lovely space.

Image: Sherrill Canet

Chic colors on a White Bedroom

What I love about this white bedroom is that it looks so elegant yet it is so easy for us to recreate it in our own homes. I love big windows in bedrooms just like on this one because of the natural light and fresh air it brings in the room. I also love the idea of having white sheets on my bed because it looks so neat and crisp fresh plus if you just add elements or accents with wonderful lively colors on top and presto... you make the colors pop out and the space to look chic and energizing.

Image: Amoroso Design

Interestingly Designed Nook

Don't you find this nook interesting? I do. From the unique design of the two chairs to the intricate woodwork for its background this nook captivates my attention. Although its design style is not something I may incorporate in my own house, I love looking at it. The table and its beautifully designed feet commands style and even opulence. And I adore the addition of books, oh I love books, almost every corner of my house has book/s waiting to be opened and read.

image: Kelly Wearstler

A refreshingly cool White Bedroom

This predominantly white bedroom feels so light to the senses. Even just by looking at this dainty and immaculate bedroom one can already feel relaxed and comfortable. The use use of delicate white sheets and pillowcases, the all white floors and ceilings, and even the two white fans hanging can make you feel you are in a secluded happy place, a place of comfort and carefree living yet the big enough windows allow you to enjoy and take a glimpse of the beauty of your outside surroundings. The touches of green on the wallpainting and on other fabrics gives this space life and color. Hmmm... I'd love to take a nap or even a deep sleep in one of these very relaxing white bedrooms.

image: Jane Coslick Designs

A Relaxing Comfy Nook

Oh I just love the look of this lovely nook. So well lighted, airy and with that very comfy chair and ottoman to lay down and put your feet up to how can one not love this space? It has a view and a ready shawl to warm you up in case it gets a little breezy or cold. This kind of space is where I want to be when I'm in the mood for reading or contemplating something...

image: Palmer Weiss


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