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Rustic Dining Room with Turqouise Chairs


How gorgeous is this dining room?
It looks rustic with those woods
and looks so fresh with the white paint
and glass walls and door.
And I love that sturdy looking
rustic table
and those very lovely
mismatched turquoise chairs.

Fit for queen.

Must be lovely to have breakfast
in here... what a view!

Looking at this makes me happy

A lovely bouquet of peach roses
would make any lady's day.

Love these bohemian arm candies

I so wish I could

I want this for my breakfast.


I heart this knitwear
cute and cool.

This may look like a lonely spot
but I know I can spend hours in there happy

Wow! That gown...

A Beautiful Outdoor Dining Area

How lovely it would be to dine in here,
so serene and picturesque.
Yes it is in Lake Como, Italy
and what are the chances
you'll sit beside George Clooney
in one of your al fresco
dining here. sigh ♥

This is such a dreamy space,
all white and with an inviting swing.
How cool is that?

I'm not really a fan of this shade
of green in outfits
but how can I ignore the
beauty of this gown.

I want some macarons
and in these bright and cheerful colors

Such a lovely place...
entered to my places to go bucket list... check!

Wouldn't it be nice
to have this every morning?

Awww... love this
animal print outfit coupled with 
those lovely link bracelets... 
I totally covet this.

Sneakers are so cool
no matter how old  I would be
I promise never to ran out of one in my closet.
And sneakers look so good with a fabulous dress too.

Lovely pink flowers for all of you

I am definitely getting a footspa
and foot massage this weekend.
I think I'm getting addicted to it 
now that I'm seriously looking for a place to 
put up my own nail spa.
I really think many woman
in our area would benefit from it.

 Oh that gown...
and that kiss...
I so love this pic.

This is so true...

Romantic Attic Bedroom

This attic bedroom
looks so romantic
even if it is void of other
design decor and accents
I feel it.
Oh and I love that bed crown
makes me imbibe my inner queen presona.

If I have this dress
I think I can't help myself from
turning and swirling.
It is so lovely.

 Cool braid and hair color

How cute is this little bookworm.
Not minding where she's sitting so long
as she can read.
So cute

I love bubbles
and I love arm candies
and needless to say
I love this pic so much.

She's one lucky lady.

How cute...

I love the smell of lavender
and to be in a lavender field 
is absolutely my in bucket list.

I love a feminine and flowing dress.
Makes you feel very much a lady when you wear one.

I love an outdoor space
where I can read
and maybe have some refreshments.
This one is lovely.

 Love that sneakers with that coat.

A freshly baked croissant
is always a welcome treat.

Pink Dining Room

All it took was the pink chairs
and those lovely
fresh flowers
to make this pink
dining room look so lovely
and romantic.

Look at those
arm candies
and those pearls...
makes one gorgeous outfit.

Not bad to start your day
with this treat.
Just share.

Lovely setting.
So serene.
And I love a bike with lovely flowers.

Wow! Look at that fabric
look at that color
and look at that piece of jewelry... fabulous!

This pic just makes me happy.
It screams HAPPY... right?

Oh there are days that
I just feel like dressing down.
I just love wearing some ripped jeans and sneakers.

I'd love to have one.
Some outdoor place where I
can meditate and read.
Somewhere I can enjoy a wonderful garden.

Nice ring... I want!

 Loving the colors...
someday I hope to see colorful 
paper lanterns flying up the sky for real

So lovely

What a lovely view.
What beautiful yellow flowers.



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