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Perfect Symmetry

This dining area has achieved perfect symmetry from this view and it looks so warm, cozy, and appealing. We somehow try to achieve perfect balance in our lives and when we get it even from just a special space in our house it somehow makes us feel relaxed and at ease and would welcome every time we spend in that particular place, more so if that area is one where we dine and have meaningful conversations and moments with our loved ones. This dining area may not be so spacious but it oozes with warmth that makes it a perfect place for intimate conversations, private and close family dinners, or even a space to talk delicate and confidential matters. I adore the use of benches instead of the usual dining chairs, the charming framed artworks, and the lamp is just wonderful perfectly placed at the center. I just love how everything seems to be at its right place in this lovely dining area that has achieved perfect symmetry.

image: Leverone Design

Colorful yet Calm

This space is so colorful yet so calm. I just love the greens here …so calm, tranquil, and warm too. But the splashes of other colors bring oomph and liveliness needed for an appealing living room or sitting room. Nice fabrics, skillful use of textures, beautiful accents and decors, a whimsical mirror, a lovely pair of floor lamps, and a gorgeous white table that can hold its own in a very colorful room makes this living room/sitting so cozy and fascinating.

photo: Diamond Baratta Design

A Wonderful Outdoor Space

Simple…quaint…romantic… relaxing … and even festive. Those are just some words I could use to describe this wonderful outdoor space. I just love the sturdy long table and the flooring. The spacious area is also a definite plus factor because it allows you to add some tables and more space for additional entertainment if needed. This outdoor space looks so perfect for al fresco dining with your partner or even for big groups of family and friends. It can be an intimate romantic place or a place of merriment but still with a touch of privacy and a homey feel.

photo: Saladino Group Design

Cozy Elegance

This living room looks so cozy and elegant. Love the wide clear windows that allow you to see the outside view and all the natural light that gets in through it. love the nice fireplace and the red comfy couch with its orange throw pillows that looks so inviting for a little rest and relaxing time alone or with family and friends.

photo: Applegate Tran


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