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A Nice Nook to put your Feet Up and Relax

This nook which is really a part of the bedroom appeals to me. It looks so relaxing with that comfy chair and ottoman … a place to put the feet up and do some napping or just to have a few moments to close the eyes and contemplate…just what I needed right now. And notice that the window behind the comfy chair allows natural light to come in so it is also a perfect spot to do some reading or writing in your diary or planner. And this nook looks chic too with that lovely white mirrored dresser that reflects the other parts of this gorgeous bedroom.

Image: Palmer Weiss

Colorful Vintage Chic Bedroom

This vintage chic bedroom looks so welcoming. The vintage pieces are scattered around the bedroom and gives off a bit of whimsy and grace in this bedroom space. The mix of colors, textures, and patterns created a charming ambiance that would make anybody feel at home and relaxed. The window with its red floral curtain as backdrop of the bed plus a gorgeous chandelier above that crowns it all is simple perfection. And oh, the pale blue bench at the end of the bed is so classy.

Image: BHG

A cozy Dining Room with a view

I just love the look of this dining room. Its simplicity is so charming. The sturdy-looking wood table looks so perfect with the wonderful wooden flooring and the addition of those elegant leather upholstered chairs gives this space a cozy and fresh feel. But what is really amazing about this dining room is the magnificent view of the garden outside. Bravo for the big glass windows that allows the diners to enjoy the view while enjoying sumptuous meals in this cozy and fresh dining room.

Photo: Carter & Company

A White, Woody, and Comfy Living Room

This white and woody living room exudes comfort, freshness, and coziness. I just love a room that allows natural light to pass through just like this one because it gives an air of freshness and lightness. The use of light colors and wood elements in this room are perfect to create a simple and comfortable living room but at the same does not lack style and grace necessary to make it inviting and pleasant. I love the coffee table and the console table, they are eye-catchers in their simplicity. Plus, the white pots and lamps add an ambiance of easy living…and oh the sofa may be small but it sure is comfy.

Image: Kelly McGuill


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