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Home Office with a View

This home office with a spectacular view is just awesome. I just love the wonderful art pieces around and the arrangement of things and furniture are so organized and orderly…plus the cabinet at the back gives more space for storage and display. Maybe if this is my home office I would probably be more creative and would be able to get more cool ideas. And on days when I’m not productive…I think I would really enjoy staring on that spectacular cityscape for hours until the inspiration to work comes along again.

Image: Kris Lajeskie Design

Relaxing Oceanfront Bedroom

This Balinese style bedroom is so awesome. It looks so relaxing, spacious, and it has an adjoining swimming pool…but that’s not all, it also has a very picturesque oceanfront view. Its simple interiors and furniture is complimented by the spectacular natural elements of the surrounding place which can be viewed and enjoyed anytime from the 90-degree glass doors. A breakfast in bed enjoying the ocean view …now, that is what I call a splendid way of wasting some time. Or indulge in a plunge in the adjoining pool in the afternoons or even late-night dips with a loved one…oh that would be so romantic.

Photo:Villa Balinese

A Pink Chair in a Bathroom

My oh my … what a lovely bathroom. This is just a simple bathroom at first glance but if you really look at it, it is one lovely and functional bathroom. A tub…check. A little space to put your knick-knacks like candles and decorative soaps…check. A mirror … a double check because this mirror is not your usual bathroom type mirror and its addition is quite brilliant. A plant to bring a natural element … check. A bit of framed artwork …check. To others, these elements are already enough to make a neat and lovely bathroom but this one adds a little bit more to sassy it up a bit. A nice floor length curtain and a beautiful chandelier … oh and my favorite thing of all is the pink chair. Don’t you just love that girly pink chair? Makes you think why not? Probably someday I’ll have my own lovely pink chair in my bathroom too.

Image: Marjorie Skouras Design


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