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Fresh White and Pink Kitchen

This is one fresh looking kitchen and the whiteness of it is simply wonderful. A dash of pink stools in the breakfast nook corner is a clever way to add fab, life and beauty to this kitchen. For me a nice kitchen would have huge windows and high ceilings like the ones in this kitchen to have a nice flowing energy and positive feel. I love the brightness and airiness of this space, a perfect spot to start a day whether reading the day's papers or watching news on the wall mounted tv or just enjoying a quiet time alone sipping coffee. And I love the wine cooler for it means that this space is not limited for morning breakfasts but can also be an entertainment place in the evenings.

And a quote from the beautiful mind of Steve Jobs.

image: housetohome

A Lavender and White Dining Room

I love the freshness of this lavender and white dining room. And it looks so chic too. The 1969 eyeball light fixture looks very interesting over the 1956 Eero Saarinen-designed pedestal table. And the chairs, oh the chairs are divine,they are 1920s Louis XV-style chairs from Sotheby’s in lavender leather from Libra Leather feature backs in a vintage floral-print vinyl. Owner and designer Doug Meyer painted the 1950s Heywood Wakefield chest purple to match and it did look fabulous in there. And don't you just love the sheer curtains that allows enough sunlight to come in?

image: FloridaDesignMagazine


A Romantic Eco-Style Bedroom

I think I'd really enjoy staying in a romantic room like this... I love the rug, looks so dainty and delicate. I love the pops of pink, as you know by now, I am a girly-girly kind of gal. I am loving the beautiful flowers and the design on the storage space behind the headboard. Yup! those are storage spaces. Isn't it nice too that the identical lamps are not placed symmetrically as in most bedrooms? And the eco-style suits me fine too... love those tree stumps in there, they definitely add coziness and warmth in this romantic bedroom.

Another quote...

image: 1, 2

A Dramatic Kitchen Entry

Hmmm... this kitchen is definitely gorgeous with its white and grey color palette and wide windows that supply enough natural light and airiness. But I don't think it will be as lovely without its dramatic kitchen entry of salvage yard antique posts. Gosh, I love this kitchen entry because it gives this kitchen a warm and even a rustic touch which I love in a kitchen. And that dish rack on the right side is antique too, dated 1865. I just love how antiques are mixed with modern and contemporary pieces. I also love the pulley lights and the chairs and of course the exposed wood beams above.

And since I'm into quotes these days... here's another one for us ladies ♥

images: nskwood, AnneTaintor


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