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Blue and White Bedroom with a View

Lovely blue and white bedroom
with a magnificent ocean view.
So relaxing and serene.
Oh how I love to drop everything
and be in a place like this.

Pink Converse,
I remembered mine years ago.
Loved it so much it barely get washed.


Outdoor Chandelier Love

Lovely arm candy...
And look at those beautiful details on the dress... Fab!

Pink ice cream with a heart...
love it ♥

Another lined up DIY for me...

Love the hair,
the outfit layering,
and those high socks.

Couple Sweater Inspiration
And look at that purse and shoes.

Love studs and spikes these days,
so glam and so fierce but still feminine.
This would really look good with

 this gorgeous heels...


Love crepes any time of the day
as in anytime.

A window that opens up to a beautiful view
is always a good thing.  Sometimes it can clear your mind
from worries and gives you hope as you look at the magnificence 
of God's creations.

Ring Overload!
And I absolutely love it.

What a lovely spot to sit with the one you love
and talk about your future together.

Oh Wow!
That gown...

Have someone you can be absolutely crazy with.

A Fabulous Living Room

 Love this living room,
it looks so fabulous with its comfy luxurious couches
and lovely decor accents.  Love that rug too,
and that dramatic spiral staircase is an eye-catcher.
I'm sure the large mirror on the side reflects a very lovely
image of this entire fabulous living room.
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

 Hmmmm... I should have one of this
to brighten up my mornings.

I know that its way past summer
and the weather is getting colder by the day,
but I feel that somewhere out there
a lovely hammock is calling my name.

Wow! Take your pick of shoes,
All are looking fabulous if you ask me.

Heart this cup too.

Beautiful finger accessories.
Since its the season for hot drinks
its wise to invest in lovely finger accessories too and 
lovely nail polish... A cup of coffee, tea or hot choco looks
lovelier when held by beautiful hands filled with fab accessories.

Oh this looks so yum!

Sweater Love.
And I can't ignore the necklace either.
And the rings, did you notice them? I'm sure you do.

Another Fall look that I'm loving.
Lace shorts coupled with a warm cardigan.
And check out those arm candies.

I always have a space for a beautiful pink vintage typewriter
in my posts...
And look at that pink flowers... so lovely.

A cake with a burlap fabric and twine...
it looks so lovely.

Nice lip color,
fabulous shades.

Now this is glamorous!

My kind of cake.

I still believe in serendipity...
Do you?

Love the messed up hair look.

A heart-shaped island.
Just breathtaking.

Love this image so much,
something in my heart feels so good looking at this.

Must be such a nice feeling to be up there.

I want!

This is just lovely,
so easy to make and guaranteed to beauty any outdoor space.
One of my 'Someday DIYs'
I already have so many now.

Daredevil Mich Kemeter, 23, 
walks across a tight rope without any safety harness above the Verdon Gorge in the 
South of France. Mich battled gusts strong enough to knock him off balance as 
he quickly hot-footed it 65ft to the other side.

Oh this put a smile on my face...
happens to me too.

A Beautiful Bathroom

Not much in this bathroom,
but I love the white tub
and the pretty gold mirror 
on that stone wall.
And even if I can't see the whole 
chandelier I just know its gorgeous, for I 
still have to see a chandelier that I don't like.
And that barn door... oh I think its gorgeous in there.

 Knit loving
and the shoes and bag... fab!

Fabulous Knit again
and a Prada bag... I want!

Orange flowers... lovely!

I am also favoring torn jeans...
I don't throw jeans,
sometimes I give them away
but never throw one.

See? Torn jeans look so cool
even with a chic jacket and a sparkly top.

 Oh I would gladly wear high heels
on a snowy day too
if someone would carry me that way!

Love lemon squares,
and they look extra lovely with real lemons on top.

I wish I could look this good while reading a book
and having my coffee.

The bun and the necklace look awesome.

Love this ring.

A serving of lovely heels,
yes please!

I'd love to down one right now.

A lovely way to go...
and what a destination awaits.

So cute!

 Borneo Rainforest Canopy Walkway
Looks so exciting to cross,
but I just can't.


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.