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A Serene and Inviting Porch

I love how serene this porch is,
with just one white bench,
a colorful rug
and some flower pots
it manages to look oh so inviting...
And that kitty looks so cute in there.

Pink Roses
I'd love to receive some of these.

A lovely outdoor spot.

Colorful Arm Candies... I love.

What beautiful fashion layering,
the clothes and the arm candies are fabulous!

This girl always manages to look good,
Wow! that skirt and that shoes.

I still want to have a chalkboard wall on my kitchen,
still haven't manage to get one installed after the last renovation.  
Major envy...

So beautiful!
This proves that you can't have too many chandeliers...

Perfect for the season,
the scarf, the glove,
the accessories.
Oh, even the color is perfect.

Warm socks...
I can never get enough of these.

Colorful balloons on a clear bright sky.
Makes me real happy just looking at it.

A sparkling pillow,
why not?


One Please!


Teresa said...

Now I'm ready to start the day and get over with it ahahah. This post is so much better than thousands coffees.

I so want a porch (no tradition here)...

I so want a swing hanging on a tree (I might not have a tree strong enough for one but I'll grow one so my grandkids will enjoy it)...

"you can't have too many chandeliers" a truth to live by ahahahah

Have a Wonderful Day and Thank you for brightening mine.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh sweet Ann!

THANK YOU for the inspiration as I see your page here full of the things I love :

A chalkboard in the kitchen
Balloons against a blue sky
Sequined pillows!

And thank you for coming to see me for inspiration! I usually post once a week, and hope to have a new post up by Sunday...that is all I can manage with Etsy and teaching!

YOU ARE SO KIND! Love to you, Anita

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Beautiful images--I might put some on my pin board. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

Lovely porch!!!
I stared following you, you are welcome to follow me back at


Abi K


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