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A Living Room with a Feminine Feel

This beautiful living room has a very feminine feel. Well, at least for me, and I mean it in a good way. I love how the furniture is arranged in this room and how the warm ambiance gives a really cozy feel that would allow for family and close friends to enjoy intimate and even secret conversations and at the same time could also be a good place to hold little social gatherings. I also adore the artworks that adorn this living room. The flimsy and delicate curtains that give way to a little sunlight during daytime is such a nice touch in this dainty and beautifully styled living room.

Image: David Kleinberg

Fresh, comfy, and elegant Bedroom

I just love the look of this bedroom. Perfect for a kid’s bedroom, yet any adult can’t complain to have this kind of a restful retreat too. The colors are fresh and soothing and the armchairs look so comfy, a real cozy thing for a kid to park himself into. Oh and of course aside from the bed being comfortable and relaxing it is also dreamy and inviting. And who wouldn’t love those cute stuff toys on the bed and a bit of toys laying around on the floor…I think it is a real cute touch in any kid’s private space. Hmmm… a cool kid’s space, very elegantly styled and oh so fresh looking.

Designer: Kelly Wearstler

A Bedroom fit for a Queen

This bedroom is stylish, opulent, and very comfortable. I say this bedroom is fit for a queen, not necessarily a royal queen but any queen of the house should be given the privilege to sleep in one of these bedrooms. Although I love the minimalist and modern look in the bedroom, there are still times when as a woman I would get to see one of these stylish and opulently styled bedrooms with bed crown, fancy chandeliers, and lovely luxurious drapes and it is enough to make me dreamy and long for some chance to be able to experience how it is to stay in one. I love the elegance and symmetry of this bedroom, the use of luxurious fabrics and pleasing color, the chandy, the invitingly lavish bed and the lovely chair beside it.

Image: William R. Eubanks

A Modern Thai Style Bedroom

This is a very tranquil and relaxing Thai bedroom with very distinct modern touches. The comfortable platform bed plus the wooden art piece beside the bed gives this bedroom an Asian feel. The artworks are calming …not too bright which is in compliment with the relaxing ambiance of the room. Except of course for the Marilyn …but that one looks cool. And I simply adore the clear acrylic “orb” chairs that hang from a chrome frame…if I could only have one of those hanging orb chairs I won’t mind if I don’t get to lounge on it just the pleasure of having such a mod and luxurious piece is enough to thrill me.

photo: NYTimes

A Nice Nook to put your Feet Up and Relax

This nook which is really a part of the bedroom appeals to me. It looks so relaxing with that comfy chair and ottoman … a place to put the feet up and do some napping or just to have a few moments to close the eyes and contemplate…just what I needed right now. And notice that the window behind the comfy chair allows natural light to come in so it is also a perfect spot to do some reading or writing in your diary or planner. And this nook looks chic too with that lovely white mirrored dresser that reflects the other parts of this gorgeous bedroom.

Image: Palmer Weiss

Colorful Vintage Chic Bedroom

This vintage chic bedroom looks so welcoming. The vintage pieces are scattered around the bedroom and gives off a bit of whimsy and grace in this bedroom space. The mix of colors, textures, and patterns created a charming ambiance that would make anybody feel at home and relaxed. The window with its red floral curtain as backdrop of the bed plus a gorgeous chandelier above that crowns it all is simple perfection. And oh, the pale blue bench at the end of the bed is so classy.

Image: BHG

A cozy Dining Room with a view

I just love the look of this dining room. Its simplicity is so charming. The sturdy-looking wood table looks so perfect with the wonderful wooden flooring and the addition of those elegant leather upholstered chairs gives this space a cozy and fresh feel. But what is really amazing about this dining room is the magnificent view of the garden outside. Bravo for the big glass windows that allows the diners to enjoy the view while enjoying sumptuous meals in this cozy and fresh dining room.

Photo: Carter & Company

A White, Woody, and Comfy Living Room

This white and woody living room exudes comfort, freshness, and coziness. I just love a room that allows natural light to pass through just like this one because it gives an air of freshness and lightness. The use of light colors and wood elements in this room are perfect to create a simple and comfortable living room but at the same does not lack style and grace necessary to make it inviting and pleasant. I love the coffee table and the console table, they are eye-catchers in their simplicity. Plus, the white pots and lamps add an ambiance of easy living…and oh the sofa may be small but it sure is comfy.

Image: Kelly McGuill

An Elegantly Designed Bathroom

This bathroom has elegance and classiness written all over it. From the colors to the flooring to the glass encased shower to the mirrors, lamps, and chandelier… it is all elegance. Its spaciousness is pleasing, gives you ample space to move around and even offers a little sitting area for you to park yourself when you felt like it. I love the two lavatories, probably a his-and-hers, for those of us who have to share we would welcome such a pleasure of having our own space in the bathroom. And it is even a good place to start morning conversations with the better half. What more can I say? This bathroom is perfectly elegant.

Photo: Liz Levin

Far from a boring Kids’ Bathroom

This playground looking kids’ bathroom with an under-the-sea theme looks so cool. The colors, decors and patterns used are fun and lively, really perfect for kids. The lavatory, mirror, rugs, and even the easel show wonderful design artistry that not only incorporates function but also gives value and importance to what kids want. The flush toilet is playful and the inclusion of a television set would make any child proud and happy. Imagine yourself being a child/kid again and having to be able to watch your fave show while doing some potty time ... hmmm must be a blissful privilege. And I love the idea of having chalkboard walls on this bathroom. If we enjoy having a blackboard in our kitchen don’t you think the kids will love them more in their own bathroom? Something for them to make doodles and sketches, and if we’re lucky we might get some cute and loving messages from them too… something to lighten our load when it’s time to clean their fun and far from boring bathroom.

images: HGTV

Invitingly cool and stylish Conservatory

I love looking at this inviting and stylish conservatory. The abundance of purple hues and splash of other colors makes this conservatory lively, cheerful, and yet still not too flashy to be a space that one can go to for some relaxation. It is not only a good place for some downtime and relaxation but can be an ideal sitting room to receive close friends for some intimate conversations or some chit-chat and fun time. I just adore the look of the coffee table…and the floor lamp and of course the lovely leaf-design rug. But what I really love about this space is the see-through walls that allows natural light in and allows one to see the plants outside … any place with plenty of plants would get my thumbs up.

Image: House to Home

What a Lovely Small Space Bedroom

I love the style of this small space bedroom. It looks so delicate and lovely, a space perfect for a teen girl or a single woman. This bedroom is simple but has the necessary elements to be an ideal resting place… a comfortable bed, mirror, frames to hang photographs and artworks, lamps to illuminate the place and a little cute black and white box that functions as side table to hold cute trinkets. The rug is just so cool… And I absolutely adore the soft white fabric that hangs and covers the bed … it really adds a lot of drama and style on this delicate looking bedroom.

photo: HSH

Relaxing Minimalist Bedroom

Hmmm… why do I like this minimalist bedroom? That’s an easy one to answer. It looks so inviting, relaxing, peaceful and clutter-free, some of the things I really long for in a sleeping space. Of course if I get a bedroom like this I’m afraid it wouldn’t be as much orderly for there will be some pillows out of place or maybe a few magazines lying here and there and some crumples on the bedsheet. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

photo: House&Gardens

Candle-filled Dining Room

The one thing that made me immediately notice this dining room is the huge candle holder, if you can actually call it that because it really holds a lot of candles, that is hanged above the long dining table instead of a lovely chandelier. And I would really be excited to have dinner in there with all the lights off and just the glow from all those candles to illuminate a perfect dining experience. Of course, if those candles were scented … the better …for then the scent of the candles would blend with the aroma of the food making dining such a pleasure in that sturdy long dining table. Nice dining chairs too, complimented by two weave designed armchairs at both ends of the table. Another thing, I love that glass door and glass walls that divide this dining area from the living area but at the same time it does not makes you feel confined and it even actually makes the space more airy and spacious.

photos: Laura Bohn Design

An Inviting Urban Patio

This inviting urban patio makes use of modern outdoor furniture and has a very appealing landscaping style. It is a place of relaxation with a bit of zen. This patio can also be transformed easily into a place of intimate gathering or even a place of festivities. The comfy seating area and the open dining space can be used for entertaining family and friends plus the ready open gas fireplace would be ideal for barbeques. The sailcloth canopies above gives shade on sunny days and add a dreamy feel during nighttime.

Photo: House&Home

Home Office with a View

This home office with a spectacular view is just awesome. I just love the wonderful art pieces around and the arrangement of things and furniture are so organized and orderly…plus the cabinet at the back gives more space for storage and display. Maybe if this is my home office I would probably be more creative and would be able to get more cool ideas. And on days when I’m not productive…I think I would really enjoy staring on that spectacular cityscape for hours until the inspiration to work comes along again.

Image: Kris Lajeskie Design

Relaxing Oceanfront Bedroom

This Balinese style bedroom is so awesome. It looks so relaxing, spacious, and it has an adjoining swimming pool…but that’s not all, it also has a very picturesque oceanfront view. Its simple interiors and furniture is complimented by the spectacular natural elements of the surrounding place which can be viewed and enjoyed anytime from the 90-degree glass doors. A breakfast in bed enjoying the ocean view …now, that is what I call a splendid way of wasting some time. Or indulge in a plunge in the adjoining pool in the afternoons or even late-night dips with a loved one…oh that would be so romantic.

Photo:Villa Balinese

A Pink Chair in a Bathroom

My oh my … what a lovely bathroom. This is just a simple bathroom at first glance but if you really look at it, it is one lovely and functional bathroom. A tub…check. A little space to put your knick-knacks like candles and decorative soaps…check. A mirror … a double check because this mirror is not your usual bathroom type mirror and its addition is quite brilliant. A plant to bring a natural element … check. A bit of framed artwork …check. To others, these elements are already enough to make a neat and lovely bathroom but this one adds a little bit more to sassy it up a bit. A nice floor length curtain and a beautiful chandelier … oh and my favorite thing of all is the pink chair. Don’t you just love that girly pink chair? Makes you think why not? Probably someday I’ll have my own lovely pink chair in my bathroom too.

Image: Marjorie Skouras Design

Perfect Symmetry

This dining area has achieved perfect symmetry from this view and it looks so warm, cozy, and appealing. We somehow try to achieve perfect balance in our lives and when we get it even from just a special space in our house it somehow makes us feel relaxed and at ease and would welcome every time we spend in that particular place, more so if that area is one where we dine and have meaningful conversations and moments with our loved ones. This dining area may not be so spacious but it oozes with warmth that makes it a perfect place for intimate conversations, private and close family dinners, or even a space to talk delicate and confidential matters. I adore the use of benches instead of the usual dining chairs, the charming framed artworks, and the lamp is just wonderful perfectly placed at the center. I just love how everything seems to be at its right place in this lovely dining area that has achieved perfect symmetry.

image: Leverone Design

Colorful yet Calm

This space is so colorful yet so calm. I just love the greens here …so calm, tranquil, and warm too. But the splashes of other colors bring oomph and liveliness needed for an appealing living room or sitting room. Nice fabrics, skillful use of textures, beautiful accents and decors, a whimsical mirror, a lovely pair of floor lamps, and a gorgeous white table that can hold its own in a very colorful room makes this living room/sitting so cozy and fascinating.

photo: Diamond Baratta Design

A Wonderful Outdoor Space

Simple…quaint…romantic… relaxing … and even festive. Those are just some words I could use to describe this wonderful outdoor space. I just love the sturdy long table and the flooring. The spacious area is also a definite plus factor because it allows you to add some tables and more space for additional entertainment if needed. This outdoor space looks so perfect for al fresco dining with your partner or even for big groups of family and friends. It can be an intimate romantic place or a place of merriment but still with a touch of privacy and a homey feel.

photo: Saladino Group Design

Cozy Elegance

This living room looks so cozy and elegant. Love the wide clear windows that allow you to see the outside view and all the natural light that gets in through it. love the nice fireplace and the red comfy couch with its orange throw pillows that looks so inviting for a little rest and relaxing time alone or with family and friends.

photo: Applegate Tran

A Simple and Mod Dining Area

This dining area looks so simple yet it is modern and oh so inviting. The area though not so spacious do not looked cluttered but looks so airy and roomy because there was no unnecessary furniture and décors around. I love the matching dining and console table, so immaculate looking and topped with a very elegant design. The deck outside would be a good place for some coffee or tea time and can really be a lovely area for some intimate conversations. Its all-white interiors add so much to its laid-back appeal. Plus its modern features such as the fireplace, lighting, and the very interesting stairs makes this space a chic and inviting dining area. (Click on the images to enlarge)

photos: skona hem

Sophisticated Country Dining Area

This lovely dining room is very functional and cleverly designed. Although this dining room is country style, one may also find that this dining area is a fusion of styles. The wooden dining table and benches looks so natural and yet so chic with a bit of leather upholstery. The elegant walls and ceiling looks contemporary with the framed arts neatly placed to add interest and beauty. The wall and ceiling paint colors and the functional fireplace also gives off a warm and comfy feel to this dining area. The charming candleholders and other decors and trinkets on the table and on the mantlepiece and above the small cabinet are delightful home treasures. The expansive rug, window treatment and the pendant lamp completes the setting to give this dining area a nice sophisticated country look and feel.

Designer: Tom Scheerer

What a lovely long Porch

I love this lovely long porch. I am actually into outdoor spaces these days and I find this porch is such a sight to behold. From its white posts to the table, to the view of the garden and the old carriage house, to the beautiful table setting, I really really love it. The place looks so peaceful yet cheery, calm yet blissful. A wonderful porch like this is perfect for al fresco dining among family and friends. It can also be a place for good times and good conversations. It can even be a place of relaxation for lazy afternoons. The expansive lawn/garden adds to the beauty of the place and can be a good area for summer picnics and get-together. Oh, and the outdoor table and dining chairs gives this porch a really cozy and homely ambiance.

This porch is from Candice Bergen’s East Hampton Country House featured in Architectural Digest.

A warm and cozy Fireplace

This fireplace looks so warm and cozy, inviting and restful. Looks a bit traditional but also elegantly timeless. Not too spacious but enough to hold some fine furniture and interesting décor accents. I love the exquisite mirror that reflects the charming chandelier. The fine looking stripe club chairs and the comfy sofa makes this space simply inviting and relaxing. A nice place to do some reading or bonding with family and friends. A nice spot to snuggle with your loved ones or a private space to be on your own… somewhere to sip your tea or coffee while contemplating your dreams.

Designer: Berkley Vallone

Photo: Vallone Design

Simple Sophistication

This space is just plain marvelous. A true design eye-candy that exudes chic and sophistication. It shows that simplicity can radiate sophistication and more. Not much color but there is enough to liven up the space without taking out its warm and comfy feel. This space can be an elegant breakfast nook or a chic dining area. The seats are so comfy and the table is not too big, a good place for intimate conversations and relaxed tête-à-tête. The wide circular windows with its lovely window treatment provide a wonderful view of the garden outside and allow natural light to get in and at the same time add a fresh and airy feel to this nook. And I’m sure you adore the lovely hanging lamp above, the sturdy looking round table in the middle and the lovely carpet below too.

Designer: PrestonLeeDesign

A Posh Golden Nursery

This nursery is oh so posh. The white and gold color motif immediately brings a sense of royalty, elegance, and affluence. This golden nursery is fit for a little princess that is so precious and dear that gifts are waiting for her arrival in her own little kingdom. Just look at her little crib with its simple but lovely bed crown or more appropriately crib crown that adds a touch of delicateness to the room. The room has enough space too for the baby to hold her admiring family and guests. The high ceilings, posh wallpapers, exquisite cornice, immaculate wooden floor, the comfy armchair and the very striking and lovely chandelier that completes the elegant look of this little kingdom fit for a princess will really make you go … Awww!

Photo source: Decopeques

Stylish Symmetry

I may not be big on symmetry but in this living room you will not hear me complain. The symmetry on this living room is cool with me because it gives the space a sense of orderliness and even style and elegance. You may see this living room as rustic, country, and even a bit contemporary or it can function as a library or even an entertainment room but there is no denying the fact that it sure looks warm and cozy. It is a place where you will feel welcome and at home and a space to share some light and happy moments with family and friends. I just adore the two tree stumps that serve as side tables plus the two comfy sofas. The fireplace is so simple yet not overlooked and softens the addition of the television above it. And don’t you just love a room with a bookcase?

Designer: Kara Mann Design


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