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Gorgeous Minimalist Dining Room

 For me,
what makes this minimalist
dining room
look so gorgeous
is the presence of that rustic and stunning
farm table.
And of course, that chevron
rug is fabulous too.


Some Pink Tulips
to start the week right

Pink High Heel Bunny Slippers
Super Cute

Frozen Niagara Falls
Yes, it did happen in 1911.

The lovely Taj Majal

Wherever this might be
seems like a good place to eat.


Oh bite me...
it says to me.
Looks like the best sandwich ever.

Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Looks so delish.

So pretty and yummy!

This is so me talking.

This is enjoyable
talking to friends on the phone.
And those lovely flowers
would sure make
my day.

I guess this is the coolest way
to have some pedi.
Another way to 
make your money work for you.

A day on the pool would be nice.
Wow that is an endless beach on the view.

Or maybe just a few hours
under the sun and throw in a really good view.
I might wear my swimsuit too
even without the intention of swimming
just to suit the lovely setting.

Or just me and a really good coffee.


Love the mustard sweater
and the hat

beanie, sweater, jeans
and heels

Lovely and with sparkle

Gorgeous Pink Gown

I used to sing this a lot.
So very appropriate to sing to
the gentlemen below
or inappropriate might be the more
correct word to use.

Oh my, if a man as gorgeous as David Gandy
would look at me like that
I might just stumble while walking.
Oh and look at that perfect stance.

Mc Dreamy's back!
Patrick Dempsey's alter ego.

This is the young Alain Delon.
French and gorgeous
good enough reasons for me to like him... a lot.
Of course, he's got lots of lovely films too.

Dean Winchester
will be back too,
just a few more weeks of waiting
for the Supernatural fandom.
Jensen Ackles

What a gorgeous guy
and so good at his Polo game too.
And looks so good being Ralph Lauren's model

James McAvoy has very lovely eyes.
He's got good looks and the guy can act,
and according to this story
he is a real-life do gooder too.

Oh Leo.
What more can I say.

I do hope everybody feels the same way.

Black and White Dining Room

What more can I say?
This black and white dining room
is elegantly perfect.
From the ceiling to the floor
nothing in there you wouldn't love.
Oh the chandy is exquisite
so is the carpet
and the dining chairs are
so beautiful too.
I told you,
it looks absolutely perfect to me.

Are you
a waffle

or a pancake kind of gal
when it comes to your choice of breakfast?

Or fruits would be it for you?

I guess breakfast in bed
with a really great view
is the one for me.

Oh but I like to add a cup of coffee
and book in that
breakfast in bed thing.
And maybe a fur too
since its getting cold in the
morning everyday.

I would love to see this
in the morning.
and the tulips are gorgeous.

A bed on the porch
is not such a bad idea

The mirror and coffee table
I love♥

 An old window mirror
could be a lovely DIY in my future

What a view.
What a space.

What a lovely closet
with a washing and drying machine.
And look at that tufted chaise.

Such a pretty pink



Currently Obsessing

Oh that skirt is pretty.
And that boots is fabulous.

Leopard and denim
with a lovely arm candy

Fall Perfect Outfit
Denim, Sweater, and Leather

Love the Layering

Dutchess Kate
looking so classy

Oh that coat
is fabulous.

Christie Brinkley
still looks Gorgeous at 60

Olivia Palermo
looks stunning in that coat

Cute skirts.
Cute little fairies.

Love this.
 Georges Hobeika

Lovely Fringe Ballgown
Monique Lhuillier

Loving this
Hayley Paige masterpiece

 Audrey looking so good.
I wish Hollywood can
still produce such a classy lady
inside and out.

Gold and Marvelous
Christian Lacroix

Oh how I love this month of September
it is my Mom's birth month.
And we have a few Man Candies
born in this wonderful month too.

Keanu Reeves turned 50.
No Academy Award
but very well loved
and he definitely has done
many memorable films.
I love me some Keanu. Don't you?

Harry Connick Jr.
I will forever be a fan
of this guy because of his
exceptional work in When Harry Meets Sally
soundtrack. Love some of his movies too.

Tom Hardy
Now this guy has both the looks
and the talent.
Can't wait to watch the remake of
Mad Max because of him.

Mr. Winning himself
Charlie Sheen.
Oh he used to be a hot one
go ask your mother.

Not as good looking as the others
but definitely has talent and charisma
 especially in his movies.
Mr. Colin Firth

My favorite Royal
Prince Harry
is September born too.


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.