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Colorful Asian Bedroom

Tracy Murdock asian bedroom

Love the pops of girly colors in this Asian bedroom. The bright colors and floral prints give a fun and energetic feel but they don't overpower the room, there is still a touch of cozy and comfort in this bedroom. And you can't ignore the comfy settee with soft pillows. I don't understand what the Asian artwork says there, but I like it... adds a bit of interest and aesthetic. This bedroom is not so spacious but looks so lovely. Do you like the bed crown in here? or is it too much drama for you?

A Nook with a View

I just love the big windows in this space and the wonderful view it shows off. I love the blue and green color combo because they create a cool and fresh vibe, in here shades of blue are used in the interiors and the green lush garden for the outdoors but somehow the two spaces are created to be side by side and meant to be together. Nice choice of furniture too, minimal and allows the inside space to breathe. What is your take on this lovely nook with a view?

image: Dillon Kyle Architecture

A Cool Guy's Bedroom

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This is a cool bedroom for a cool guy. I was thinking about my son when I saw this bedroom, it would be so perfect for him, at least that's what I think. My ten-year old son is about to start taking his guitar lessons and I'm so excited. Well, most girls love a guy who can play a guitar, there's just something sexy about a guy who can strum a guitar and if he can sing well too it would be perfect. I know my son is still too young for me to think of girls going after him. Love this room not only because of the presence of a guitar which to me denotes coolness but also there are books inside, so it means that the dweller is also into reading and hopefully an intellectual too, did you notice the open book on the study table? I also adore the glass windows that allow a view of the garden and the presence of a balcony that could be a space to relax and entertain friends. Nice carpet and an inviting bed covered in white sheets is just splendid. And this bedroom is so neat too, oh if only my son would grow up to learn how to keep his room neat and orderly then I'll be one happy Mom.

image: fancycribs


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