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Dining Room Wonderwall

I just love the walls in this red and white dining room. Its wood-paneled with subtle gray and blue wood stain... I'm so loving it. And the coral colored dining chairs look so fabulous in there with the equally fab table... very French. How about the chandy above and the candelabra, what are your thoughts about them? The drapes... simple right? But just perfect in this little dining room and don't get me started about the red rug below nor the buffet table and side table that holds the lovely lamp... oh I'm so pressed for time, just help me dear readers in here and tell me what makes this dining room oh so lovely in our eyes.

And just a little reminder to you all lovelies out there, don't sell yourself short, just a simple quote from me to you... Have a wonderful day ♥

image: wohnidee

Bathroom Bliss

This bathroom looks so serene, feminine and even romantic. A girl that bathes here definitely has style and grace. The long white rug looks impressive with a lovely armchair and mirror beside it. The drapes look divine in there and the ample amount of light that gets in would be wonderful for morning baths. Oh I'd definitely take my time bathing in here to enjoy and even absorb the calm surrounding, the nerves need to relax and they definitely will with a tub like that filled with hot water, bubbles, and lovely scents. We all must need to get some alone time to de-stress ourselves, to take things easy, even for a few minutes. And a lovely bathroom like this would be a perfect place, yes sometimes we do not need to get out of the confines of our home to do it.

images: ciaobella50, whimsicalwhiplash

All Natural Dream Porch

Oh gosh, I'd really love to have a space like this someday. Never mind the whole house although the whole house is really amazing too (you can check it out from the link below) but this porch is what I love... a place to hangout on the weekends, so open and simple. Now I believe my parents that as you grow older, you tend to look for the simpler things in life, the things that really matter. I want weekends here with my family and friends, I come from a very small family, just one brother and I only have one son and of course one hubby, my brother has only one daughter, oh but both of us have lots of friends. I love the oak table and benches and the pine flooring... and that space and view outside is just wonderfully perfect if you ask me.

image: marieclairemaison

Room Full of Books

This Living Room is such a happy place for me. Floor to ceiling bookshelves full of books and trinkets... how nice. I am a book person and this living room looks perfect, a wonderful lamp and a very comfy couch are perfect with these books. love it... Oh, and the fresh flowers look beautiful in there too.

On another note, sorry for my sporadic posts, been so busy lately. I promise to make regular posts and visits to your lovely sites as soon as my schedule permits.

images: housetohome, weheartit


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