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Relaxing White Bedroom

It must be so nice to have
a space of calm and serenity to go to
at the end of the day like this
relaxing white bedroom.
Oh I love the white wooden beams,
the inviting bed with its crisp white linens
and comfy blankets.
Lovely mirror too
and a nice window that allows
fresh air to get in.

Vintage Pink Phone... 
So cute and so cool.

This is fab to have.

A lovely place for al fresco dining

The tree stump gives so much charm in this space.

Biking in Style

Glamorous Dog Walking

This looks so good.

 Great ice canyon in Iceland

 The Atlantic Road in Norway...
built high enough for waves to not wash drivers off the road

Yuanyang Terrace Field, China...stained glass of nature

 This seems like a cool place to be
hanging out with your gal pals.

 Salted Caramel and Nutella stuffed Double Chocolate Chip Cookies


Oreos in Ice Cream
There's no stopping me here.

One Please!

Pancakes with fruits
and Nutella. 
My kind of Pancake!

This looks like a really
lovely Fall Style Inspiration

A cool beanie,
denim shirt and an LV.

Ripped Jeans and Heels
Always in Style

Pink Trench Coat
Yes Please!

Love the skirt.


Purple Gown and Eiffel
So Fash!

Zac Posen

Kate Moss
in Ruffled Black and White


Glam Orange and White Nook

Love this orange and white nook
with just one chair
but fit for a queen
and look at that lovely rug.
And I adore that coordinating
fab fabric used
for the drapes and chair.

Relaxing Glamorously

Love this plates from Kate Spade

Can I just get away from these cold days?
I know its Summer somewhere right now.

 I will remind myself to make one for me...
as soon as I can.
It is time to organize my accessories
for easy picking for the parties
that are about to come.

Another project in my to-do list

Spooky and Glamorous
My kind of treat for the Halloween

I will gladly indulge myself with a cup of this.

Would you dare?
Even with friends?
Do you still succumb to peer pressure?

It's the skirt,
or the hat,
or the necklace and ring,
or maybe all
that made me notice this image
and love it.
Don't you just wish
that you look this glamorous
while typing your blog posts?
I sure do.

Gold always gets my attention


 Lagoa de Albufeira, Portugal
Nuno Trindade

A Paris Cafe
looks so good even on rainy days

Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy

Nice capture of the city

A carousel with the perfect view of the Eiffel

I love getting lost at places like this
I can waste a lot of time here

and here too

Love some boho chic hair

 Pink and Ruffles Love


Love t he details

Fabulous White Dress

Zuhair Murad


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.