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Screened-in Lovely porch with Fab Outdoor Kitchen

I heart everything in this Screened-In
Outdoor Kitchen.
I love the idea of having a screened
porch because I have asthma
I still get allergies
and with a screen the lesser
chance I would inhale
some unwanted elements.
I love the gorgeous flooring
of this porch
looks so sturdy and gives
a rustic feel and a lovely rawness.
I love the charming window frame
that serves as a wonderful
decor accent in the wall
and the lovely lighting
fixtures both on the wall
and the one on the ceiling.
Love the ceiling paint color,
 'Silver Mist' from Benjamin Moore.
Oh and that outdoor kitchen
to me is awesome...
I could think of a hundred and more
dishes I could cook and serve
in there
especially barbecues
and steaks.
And I won't mind entertaining
friends and family every weekends
if I have
a space like
this screened-in lovely porch with
a fab outdoor kitchen.



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