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Cozy Neutral Colored Bedroom

Wow!... I am so loving this neutral colored bedroom with a little touch of orange. I love the woods in here too, especially the antique headboard. I think a bit of antique in a room is really nice, gives the space a bit of soul and history. And the wood bench that serves as table between those two comfy chairs is pretty cool. The walls are Seapearl by Benjamin Moore, and I'm pretty sure by now you already noticed the mirror and the lovely clear vase in front of it and the lovely lighting. I just love the coziness of this bedroom. What are your thoughts on this bedroom? Please do share.

image: House Beautiful

Inviting Backyard Hammock

Oh I have so much to do today... I just wish I could just take a nap for a little while in this inviting hammock/hanging bed. It is lovely isn't it? A little romantic with a touch of whimsy. I love the surrounding, looks really cool, some kind of a hideaway or a little private place. Now I will have to take my nap here in my little virtual hideaway...


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