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A Beautiful White Living Room

What a beautiful white living room
so spacious,
light and airy. 
I love the high ceilings
and the glass doors and glass windows above.
The wood beams adds a lot of charm too.

A chandy on a tree
so lovely.


Pink shorts and arm candies... I want!

Book love ♥
I just wish I have the exact same sweater and socks
for my reading these coming months

 Time to stock up on fab coats

and lovely scarves,
the cold is starting to be felt.

Nice Pink Greek Villa

I heart stone walls and bikes


Red, Pink, and White.
Many choco candies have come and go
M&Ms is still a fave of mine.

Follow the Heart

Cozy Living Room with a View

Love this cozy living room
with a view.
It has books, a lovely chandelier, comfy couches,
and a panoramic view...
what more can you ask?
Glass walls and windows? Check!
Top floor location?... check too!
Told yah! What more can you ask?

Embrace your uniqueness.

As  summer starts to fizzle,
I might be saying goodbye to these lovely shoes...

but I do wear them year round
and flat sandals

Chic and Cool Fall Inspiration look

Love this short

To be able to do this is just Wow!
And I'll be taking pics too.


Another lovely street 
I'd be happy to walk on.

This is so gonna be me...

Miss this gang so much.

A cup of coffee
is always a good thing.

Lovely ♥

I just learned this.

This is outdoor bliss.

A Happy Outdoor Space

What a lovely outdoor space.
It screams fun and happy all over.
Love the blues and the colors in here.
And isn't that dog looks so adorable,
I think he's just waiting for the party to start.

Audrey is always a welcome sight.

Paris glam.

Love the hat,
love the necklace,
love the outfit ... Dior of course.

I heart everything in this outfit.
Can you blame me?

This would be such a lovely climb.

Bike Love

Kissing on a Bike.
Oh to be young and in love.

What a spot!
I sure could spend a couple of hours staring 
at that spectacular view.

One for me please.

Bridge filled with flowers.

Man Candy... still.

Love the colors.
Happy Colors, 
I want!

Go for the real man ladies.
Saves you a lot of heartaches.

A Relaxing Beach Bedroom

I'd love to spend some time in this beach bedroom.
So relaxing, so inviting.
I love a door like that, a door that opens up to a lovely balcony
and offers a spectacular view of the ocean.
And I heart the colors used in this bedroom, so laidback, so serene.
On our next beach vacation I'd definitely get a relaxing room like this.

Love the ice cream
and love the blings too.

I love a balcony full of flowers,
so easy on the eyes.

Gold Love.

I love old books.
They smell so good.

I love strawberries,
I love vodka,
I'm sure to love this.

Pink Stripe Cake,
with pink flower on the side
love it ♥

The Fab Four
in Paris

That red bag and that red shoes... perfect together.

This is a lovely sight.
A couple on a hammock reading together,
laughing together.

What a gorgeous braid,
no idea how to do it.

I can see myself doing this.

I am loving the yellow shoes and bouquet here,
and of course I am assuming there's some passionate kissing going on up there.

Man Candy time...
Ewan cool on his bike.

Believe in magic! I do!


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.