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Homey Rustic Living Room

This rustic living room
looks so homey and very inviting.
Spacious and very airy too,
and looks so very comfy
a perfect
a space to gather
and a place to relax at
the same time.
I so love the exposed
wooden beams
which is so charming
and rustic
and the very high ceiling
that looks so spectacular
and gives this living room
beauty and grandeur.
I love the comfy couch
that is so inviting
and the beautifully
distressed furnishings.
I love that there are
plants inside
that gives freshness
in this living room.
The seating area near the
fireplace looks so ideal
for those cold days and nights
or when there are
many guests
in this lovely and homey
rustic living room.



None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.