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Relaxing Blue and White Room

This beautiful blue and white
room looks so relaxing
and calming.
Love the presence of a rocking
chair too, I used to sit a lot
on my Grandmother's rocking
chair as a child and I really love it.
Can't really remember if it relaxes
me then because all I remember was
that I talk a lot when I'm sitting there.

 This is said to be relaxing...
I know... only a few people can relax
this way, me not included.
Your thoughts?

So beautiful.
Definitely one of my SOMEDAY PLACES.

 Natural Rock Pools - Pamukkale - Turkey

Oh I won't do it with friends and relatives
much more on my own.
I'm sure I can think of other things
to do that would thrill me.

 Ruffle undies and Flowers... love it.

This is so cool.

Glamorous Bike Buddies

My kind of Hotdog.

Its so hot in here
that a gelato is always a welcome treat.




Fabulous white dress.

Oh to be drape in Pearls

Love everything in here
the shoes, dress, the chandy
not necessarily in that order.


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