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Intimately Sophisticated

This is one sophisticated dining room. It is both grand and intimate. The clear glass walls dividing the dining room from other parts of the house is not restricting and allows one to see the adjoining spaces, and the ready curtain allows the possibility of having intimate dinners and even private meetings in this dining room. The palettes used in this room speak of elegance, style, and sophistication. I am not much of a fan of wood paneling but the wood paneling here gives the room a refined and warm look. There is not a tasteless element nor a flashy piece of item in this dining room. I adore the eight light chandelier hanging at the center and above of the simple yet impressive wood dining table, and if there is one piece I can take to my house from this room that chandelier would be it for me. The dining chairs with its stripe design just put the needed amount of liveliness to make this dining room not just sophisticated but friendly and warm as well.

Designer:Barbara Scavullo Design

A little too romantic?

I think this bedroom is adorable. It might be a little too girly for your man companion if you already have one but I’m pretty sure most women would want to sleep in this kind of bedroom. It might also be a little too romantic a bedroom, but I know quite a few single women who would prefer to sleep in this kind of bedroom while patiently waiting for their destined romantic partner. It is a dreamy bedroom and I like the window with its sitting space where you can sit and watch the pouring rain on rainy days or where to sit and look at the lovely flowers and plants in the garden on sunny days. And I love the fabrics in this room, look so luxurious and soft especially the beddings, makes it so inviting to just rest on the bed and sleep for hours comfortably. Even the headboard fabric from Christopher Norman looks so lavish and elegant. And the bench, notice the Reymer Jourdan bench, it is just so elegant looking and compliments with the bed very well and with the whole bedroom ambiance. And I know I do not need to point you to the charming wall, it is already quite an eye-catcher. So, what do you think? Is this bedroom a little too romantic for you?

Designer: Sandra Nunnerly

Plush Purples

I love the use of the color purple in this living room. Actually, this is just a part of a living room. Purple is a color of luxury and authority and this room exudes so much luxury and elegance. The Andromeda painting by Tamara de Lempicka shows a very distinctive art deco style of this living space. The 1930 sideboard by Eugene Printz with accordion-folded doors is very impressive, isn’t it? But what really pops my eyes when I look at this space is the pair of late-1930s purple American club chair and the luxurious circa 1930 rug in different shades of purples, yellows, and browns. Ah … I’m already dreaming relaxing in those club chairs with wine in hand and a good soothing music in the background.

And oh, this living space is by the way just a part of Pop Queen Madonna’s Manhattan Upper West Side abode.

A laid-back White and Turquoise Bedroom

I love looking at this image of a white and turquoise bedroom. Actually, it is more of a white and different shades of blue bedroom, but I like the turquoise shades of blue here, so that explains title. It looks so simple, relaxing, and fresh. Notice the chandelier? It is so adorable looking, so perfect for this room. I also like the two charming windows that allow natural light to get in this laid-back bedroom. And the plaid blanket is just simply an eye-catcher.

photo: Martha Stewart

Simple yet Elegant

This is one dining room that is simple yet has an elegant style. Its design style is contemporary. I love the clean lines, smooth surfaces and its having no complicated details around. The neat and organized appearance of this dining room makes the space warm and at the same time functional. There is no superfluous element to distract anybody’s attention from the main purpose and function of this room but at the same time the space looks livable, comfortable and stylish. I just adore the framed wall decors and chandelier. Sometimes all it takes is a good design idea from a very talented designer to inspire us to create a lovely space.

photo: Eric Henderson

My Kind of Kitchen

I love rustic style kitchens because they look warm, cozy, and charming. Whenever I see a rustic/western style kitchen that is beautifully designed it gives me an old fashioned feeling of family, love, simplicity and togetherness. I saw this Rustic/Western Style kitchen design in Western Interiors and Design and I was in awe of its beautiful design coupled with sensible functionality. The moss rock fireplace and wooden beams are simply charming. The kitchen plate racks are immaculately placed and balanced near and just above the white farmhouse sink. This is the kind of kitchen that I would love to have for our weekend house. I love a kitchen with a beautiful kitchen island that will allow me to have extra working space when preparing meals and with enough storage space for pots and other kitchen utensils. This is a spacious kitchen that will also allow family members and friends to engage in good conversations while the cook is preparing a sumptuous meal for family and friends.

Designer: Victoria Hagan
Photo: Western Interiors and Design

A Charming Country Cottage Kitchen

(Click image to enlarge)

This country cottage kitchen looks so charming with its mostly white furniture and walls. The blues, greens and yellows made the space look so radiant and lively. I so love the distressed white round table, so inviting with its fresh flowers, fruits and candles. And the rug underneath is striking with its blue and white stripes design. This kitchen makes you want to have a white kitchen of your own and not care about the intricacies of how to keep it look immaculately clean nor care about the maintenance of having one. The blue bottle and glass collection adds to the coolness of this space, makes you think of the beach or a place of vacation and holiday. And did you see the yellow ceramic display? Yes, the one with a pan on it, it is a little décor detail that reminds you that this is a country cottage kitchen and a very charming one at that.

photo: Scott Sanders

Love this Entryway

I so love this entryway because of its refreshing colors. It is not everyday that you get to see an entryway with this shade of pink with whites and when you do as in this case, it is a real treat. I also adore the high white wooden beams with its simple design and the white ceiling fan that hangs over this space. The elegant white and gold wall sconces are also just perfect for this relaxed, refreshing, and lovely entryway.
photo: Antonia Hutt


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