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A little too romantic?

I think this bedroom is adorable. It might be a little too girly for your man companion if you already have one but I’m pretty sure most women would want to sleep in this kind of bedroom. It might also be a little too romantic a bedroom, but I know quite a few single women who would prefer to sleep in this kind of bedroom while patiently waiting for their destined romantic partner. It is a dreamy bedroom and I like the window with its sitting space where you can sit and watch the pouring rain on rainy days or where to sit and look at the lovely flowers and plants in the garden on sunny days. And I love the fabrics in this room, look so luxurious and soft especially the beddings, makes it so inviting to just rest on the bed and sleep for hours comfortably. Even the headboard fabric from Christopher Norman looks so lavish and elegant. And the bench, notice the Reymer Jourdan bench, it is just so elegant looking and compliments with the bed very well and with the whole bedroom ambiance. And I know I do not need to point you to the charming wall, it is already quite an eye-catcher. So, what do you think? Is this bedroom a little too romantic for you?

Designer: Sandra Nunnerly


please sir said...

Yes it is lovely - that wallpaper if gorgeous!

Erin said...

It is beautiful!! Not exactly my taste, but I still admire its beauty. I too love that window seat. So lovely!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

I think it's gorgeous! not to girlie for this girl :-)

Debbie said...

Hi Ann....thanks for dropping by my blog today. :)

That bedroom is definitely not too girlie for me...I love that wallpaper and the padded headboard...makes me thing of Hollywood in the old days. I'm getting ready to makeover our bedroom and it is going to be even more girlie than this room....luckily my DH is happy with whatever I do around the house. I'll be posting pics on my blog before too long.

Take care,

Classic style in city said...

Its lovely,


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