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What a Lovely Small Space Bedroom

I love the style of this small space bedroom. It looks so delicate and lovely, a space perfect for a teen girl or a single woman. This bedroom is simple but has the necessary elements to be an ideal resting place… a comfortable bed, mirror, frames to hang photographs and artworks, lamps to illuminate the place and a little cute black and white box that functions as side table to hold cute trinkets. The rug is just so cool… And I absolutely adore the soft white fabric that hangs and covers the bed … it really adds a lot of drama and style on this delicate looking bedroom.

photo: HSH

Relaxing Minimalist Bedroom

Hmmm… why do I like this minimalist bedroom? That’s an easy one to answer. It looks so inviting, relaxing, peaceful and clutter-free, some of the things I really long for in a sleeping space. Of course if I get a bedroom like this I’m afraid it wouldn’t be as much orderly for there will be some pillows out of place or maybe a few magazines lying here and there and some crumples on the bedsheet. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

photo: House&Gardens

Candle-filled Dining Room

The one thing that made me immediately notice this dining room is the huge candle holder, if you can actually call it that because it really holds a lot of candles, that is hanged above the long dining table instead of a lovely chandelier. And I would really be excited to have dinner in there with all the lights off and just the glow from all those candles to illuminate a perfect dining experience. Of course, if those candles were scented … the better …for then the scent of the candles would blend with the aroma of the food making dining such a pleasure in that sturdy long dining table. Nice dining chairs too, complimented by two weave designed armchairs at both ends of the table. Another thing, I love that glass door and glass walls that divide this dining area from the living area but at the same time it does not makes you feel confined and it even actually makes the space more airy and spacious.

photos: Laura Bohn Design

An Inviting Urban Patio

This inviting urban patio makes use of modern outdoor furniture and has a very appealing landscaping style. It is a place of relaxation with a bit of zen. This patio can also be transformed easily into a place of intimate gathering or even a place of festivities. The comfy seating area and the open dining space can be used for entertaining family and friends plus the ready open gas fireplace would be ideal for barbeques. The sailcloth canopies above gives shade on sunny days and add a dreamy feel during nighttime.

Photo: House&Home


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