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Inviting Girly Bedroom

Love how inviting this girly bedroom looks. It is perfect for a weekend of sleeping and relaxing. It looks so comfy, feminine, and dreamy. I love the quilt, the colors, and the lamps... and a vase of fresh flowers is a lovely addition in any bedroom. Have a wonderful day everyone, and here's a lovely quote for you ladies.

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I heart this Feminine Home Office

Oh I heart this lovely and very feminine Home Office. I love how orderly it is. I wonder if I'm actually the one using it everyday if I could maintain such an immaculate space, even with file organizers and all for I love papers and all sorts of stationery and I love writing on them although I sometimes leave them on the table and elsewhere plus I love books and magazines so much that I'm pretty sure they will also make their presence felt in my home office. Oh I love the pops of color here and the abundance of natural light and a view of a little garden. Don't you just love a pink trash can? Or that pink teapot?/thermos with a ready cup? And oh I love those boxes on the cabinet too, they are accents but very functional. The chair could be a little more comfy though.

image: housetohome

A Simple Pretty Eclectic Kitchen

I love this simple but pretty eclectic kitchen. Not too big but it has the illusion that is quite spacious because one wall is opened up by windows that invites natural light. I love the mix of wood, fabric, stainless, and glass in this kitchen. The retro-looking orange chairs and the flowers on the beautiful little vases on the window provide the needed liveliness in this otherwise very simple white kitchen. I also appreciate the orderliness of this kitchen, it seems that everything is in its proper place but it looks lived in, not at all staged or just for design. And I adore the wall mounted bio fireplace, it so cool and modern, not something you would expect in this simple kitchen but it works because it fits right in with the lamp and the kitchen cabinet doors. To me, this is such a simple and pretty kitchen.

image: bolig


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