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Fresh Bedroom with a View

I love this Fresh Bedroom, very clutter-free, and with a wonderful view... I love the simplicity of this bedroom, its immaculate white flooring gives a feeling of serene contentment and the cane bedside table and cane settee coupled with the little flowers adds a touch of natural beauty and of course a very comfy and inviting bed we all long in our resting sanctuary... Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

images: weheartit

Charming Patio

This is a charming outdoor space, a lovely patio and even others would call it a conservatory. I love the abundance of fresh flowers in there, they add so much beauty in this charming space. The white furniture that look so dainty are lovely in their simplicity. The chandeliers look divine hanging in there and even if there is ample light during the day because of the skylights the chandies' are still eyecatchers and at night they are sure to dazzle the occupants of this room with their bright lights and add elegance and glamour in this outdoor space. And the garden outside looks wonderful, so green, and refreshing. Do you even notice that there is a shelf above that displays some really interesting things? Oh I'd love to have a charming patio like this someday, a place to be when I want to be on my own, or have a quiet night with the hubby or a place to entertain some of my girl friends. Oh I just want one of this in my future.

patio image: decorpad

Dreamy and Inviting Bedroom

This is what a bedroom should look like if you ask me. Dreamy and Inviting. Comfy and relaxing. I love the soft white drapes, the wooden floors, and the exposed wooden beams that gives a rustic and warm feel on this inviting bedroom. Not many things cluttering this bedroom, just the necessary items you need to have a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep and rest. A comfy bed with clean white sheets, a couple of scented candles, a lovely dresser, a little mirror, and few flowers to add some more beauty.

I saw this image I think at Pinterest. Interesting ... not that I'm thinking about it. But how would it made you feel? What would you do?

bedroom image: elmueble

Fabulous Black and White Bathroom

I heart this fabulous black and white bathroom. Love the greys in there too and of course the pops of red that adds a touch of glam in this lovely black and white space. Isn't that wallpaper wonderful? Not too much of an eye-catcher but beautifully and artfully giving aesthetics to the background. I also love the big mirror, the black and white cabinet, the chandelier, the beautiful window treatments and of course the tub itself. Oh I could see myself relaxing or reading in that gorgeous white armchair while waiting for my tub to be filled and I can totally lose myself for hours soaking in that tub.

Happy Weekend everyone ♥

image: NewEnglandHome


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