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An elegant Dining Room with eclectic pieces

This elegantly designed dining room looks so homey and inviting. The furniture and design pieces in this dining room are interesting and beautifully eclectic. The gorgeous modern pendant light, the nice dining table, and the plush woven leather dining chairs makes this dining room very appealing especially for those who appreciates modern and contemporary style. The wooden beams above add a little rustic style and a bit of a cottage feel to this space which makes this dining room really homey. And did you notice the plate décor displayed above the console table? It has a skull for a design, pretty interesting right? I just love the simplicity, clean lines, and symmetry of this elegant and homey dining room.

Designer: Emily Summers

What a Luxurious Bathing Space

This bathroom is so luxurious and plush. Going up to the bathtub one would feel like a diva ready to take her stage or a royalty prepared to sit on his throne. The luxurious window treatments, the lovely plants, and the tub placement itself are so dramatic and beautiful. The high quality materials used which is very evident combined with the very elegant fixtures make this bathroom such a place of luxury and style. I am in awe at how spacious this bathroom is and the ceiling is so lovely with a very dazzling jewel, the blue chandelier that looking up to the ceiling would be such a delight.

photo: Haleh Design Inc.


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