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Cozy, Glam, and Romantic Bedroom

I love this cozy, glam
and romantic bedroom.
I love the neat white walls
and ceiling that has charming
wood beams. I also love
and the glam cabinets with
the matching chic lighting
fixtures above them,
The artworks looks great too.
The white floor
looks lovely. I love white floors,
because it gives a space
an immediate neatness and serenity
plus it seems easy to organize
things with white walls and flooring,
at least white interiors has that effect on me.
My walk-in closet
has white flooring too.
That chandelier looks amazing
and a real eye-catcher.
The bed to me is breathtaking,
I just love it,
from its color to its fluted
headboard, it just is the star
of this cozy, glam,
and romantic bedroom.


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unless stated otherwise.