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Red, White and Turquoise ChristmasTree

Oh I've been too busy this month and I haven't posted anything but I know I have to today to greet you all a very Merry Christmas... Happy holidays everyone.

image: Pinterest

Fresh Bedroom with a View

I love this Fresh Bedroom, very clutter-free, and with a wonderful view... I love the simplicity of this bedroom, its immaculate white flooring gives a feeling of serene contentment and the cane bedside table and cane settee coupled with the little flowers adds a touch of natural beauty and of course a very comfy and inviting bed we all long in our resting sanctuary... Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

images: weheartit

Charming Patio

This is a charming outdoor space, a lovely patio and even others would call it a conservatory. I love the abundance of fresh flowers in there, they add so much beauty in this charming space. The white furniture that look so dainty are lovely in their simplicity. The chandeliers look divine hanging in there and even if there is ample light during the day because of the skylights the chandies' are still eyecatchers and at night they are sure to dazzle the occupants of this room with their bright lights and add elegance and glamour in this outdoor space. And the garden outside looks wonderful, so green, and refreshing. Do you even notice that there is a shelf above that displays some really interesting things? Oh I'd love to have a charming patio like this someday, a place to be when I want to be on my own, or have a quiet night with the hubby or a place to entertain some of my girl friends. Oh I just want one of this in my future.

patio image: decorpad

Dreamy and Inviting Bedroom

This is what a bedroom should look like if you ask me. Dreamy and Inviting. Comfy and relaxing. I love the soft white drapes, the wooden floors, and the exposed wooden beams that gives a rustic and warm feel on this inviting bedroom. Not many things cluttering this bedroom, just the necessary items you need to have a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep and rest. A comfy bed with clean white sheets, a couple of scented candles, a lovely dresser, a little mirror, and few flowers to add some more beauty.

I saw this image I think at Pinterest. Interesting ... not that I'm thinking about it. But how would it made you feel? What would you do?

bedroom image: elmueble

Fabulous Black and White Bathroom

I heart this fabulous black and white bathroom. Love the greys in there too and of course the pops of red that adds a touch of glam in this lovely black and white space. Isn't that wallpaper wonderful? Not too much of an eye-catcher but beautifully and artfully giving aesthetics to the background. I also love the big mirror, the black and white cabinet, the chandelier, the beautiful window treatments and of course the tub itself. Oh I could see myself relaxing or reading in that gorgeous white armchair while waiting for my tub to be filled and I can totally lose myself for hours soaking in that tub.

Happy Weekend everyone ♥

image: NewEnglandHome

Fresh White and Pink Kitchen

This is one fresh looking kitchen and the whiteness of it is simply wonderful. A dash of pink stools in the breakfast nook corner is a clever way to add fab, life and beauty to this kitchen. For me a nice kitchen would have huge windows and high ceilings like the ones in this kitchen to have a nice flowing energy and positive feel. I love the brightness and airiness of this space, a perfect spot to start a day whether reading the day's papers or watching news on the wall mounted tv or just enjoying a quiet time alone sipping coffee. And I love the wine cooler for it means that this space is not limited for morning breakfasts but can also be an entertainment place in the evenings.

And a quote from the beautiful mind of Steve Jobs.

image: housetohome

A Lavender and White Dining Room

I love the freshness of this lavender and white dining room. And it looks so chic too. The 1969 eyeball light fixture looks very interesting over the 1956 Eero Saarinen-designed pedestal table. And the chairs, oh the chairs are divine,they are 1920s Louis XV-style chairs from Sotheby’s in lavender leather from Libra Leather feature backs in a vintage floral-print vinyl. Owner and designer Doug Meyer painted the 1950s Heywood Wakefield chest purple to match and it did look fabulous in there. And don't you just love the sheer curtains that allows enough sunlight to come in?

image: FloridaDesignMagazine


A Romantic Eco-Style Bedroom

I think I'd really enjoy staying in a romantic room like this... I love the rug, looks so dainty and delicate. I love the pops of pink, as you know by now, I am a girly-girly kind of gal. I am loving the beautiful flowers and the design on the storage space behind the headboard. Yup! those are storage spaces. Isn't it nice too that the identical lamps are not placed symmetrically as in most bedrooms? And the eco-style suits me fine too... love those tree stumps in there, they definitely add coziness and warmth in this romantic bedroom.

Another quote...

image: 1, 2

A Dramatic Kitchen Entry

Hmmm... this kitchen is definitely gorgeous with its white and grey color palette and wide windows that supply enough natural light and airiness. But I don't think it will be as lovely without its dramatic kitchen entry of salvage yard antique posts. Gosh, I love this kitchen entry because it gives this kitchen a warm and even a rustic touch which I love in a kitchen. And that dish rack on the right side is antique too, dated 1865. I just love how antiques are mixed with modern and contemporary pieces. I also love the pulley lights and the chairs and of course the exposed wood beams above.

And since I'm into quotes these days... here's another one for us ladies ♥

images: nskwood, AnneTaintor

Inviting Girly Bedroom

Love how inviting this girly bedroom looks. It is perfect for a weekend of sleeping and relaxing. It looks so comfy, feminine, and dreamy. I love the quilt, the colors, and the lamps... and a vase of fresh flowers is a lovely addition in any bedroom. Have a wonderful day everyone, and here's a lovely quote for you ladies.

images: 1, 2

I heart this Feminine Home Office

Oh I heart this lovely and very feminine Home Office. I love how orderly it is. I wonder if I'm actually the one using it everyday if I could maintain such an immaculate space, even with file organizers and all for I love papers and all sorts of stationery and I love writing on them although I sometimes leave them on the table and elsewhere plus I love books and magazines so much that I'm pretty sure they will also make their presence felt in my home office. Oh I love the pops of color here and the abundance of natural light and a view of a little garden. Don't you just love a pink trash can? Or that pink teapot?/thermos with a ready cup? And oh I love those boxes on the cabinet too, they are accents but very functional. The chair could be a little more comfy though.

image: housetohome

A Simple Pretty Eclectic Kitchen

I love this simple but pretty eclectic kitchen. Not too big but it has the illusion that is quite spacious because one wall is opened up by windows that invites natural light. I love the mix of wood, fabric, stainless, and glass in this kitchen. The retro-looking orange chairs and the flowers on the beautiful little vases on the window provide the needed liveliness in this otherwise very simple white kitchen. I also appreciate the orderliness of this kitchen, it seems that everything is in its proper place but it looks lived in, not at all staged or just for design. And I adore the wall mounted bio fireplace, it so cool and modern, not something you would expect in this simple kitchen but it works because it fits right in with the lamp and the kitchen cabinet doors. To me, this is such a simple and pretty kitchen.

image: bolig

A Simple French Bedroom

I love this simple French Bedroom, so feminine and so fresh. I love the details on the bedframe and the white bedsheets that looks so fresh and immaculate. The settee and the dresser are perfect in here, simple yet oh so French. The wide window brings in so much natural light in the mornings and some cool fresh air in the evenings. Oh and I love the charming little heart on that window, it definitely adds a little romantic touch to this lovely French styled bedroom.

image: housetohome

Just what I need... An Inviting Pink Bathroom

This week has really been a very hectic one for me... a bit stressful and its a good thing the weekend is here. I need a day of real relaxation and rejuvenation... but before that a nice warm and soothing bath is a must tonight. This bathroom would be so perfect for that.

This bathroom is just right up my alley, a bit romantic, appeals to my feminine taste, with lots of natural light coming in and with a gorgeous pink painted tub. I love the floral curtain and the chair... plus the pink blossoms are such lovely accents in this rose/pink walled bathroom. And the checkered sage and cream flooring is just restrained fabulousity in this Inviting Pink Bathroom.

image: housetohome

A Bright Country Kitchen

Love this bright country kitchen ... it is so homey and inviting. I love the kitchen cabinets painted with a robin's egg color and distressed just the right way to create a more cozy feel. The kitchen backsplash adds a bit of drama and the bright yellow and white dishware are the perfect accent to this kitchen. The small kitchen table on the side gives a charming vibe with vases filled with lovely flowers and the two chairs gives a little modern and industrial touch in this bright country kitchen.

image: bhg

A Romantic Floral Living Room

Everything in this lovely living room screams romance and coziness to me. I just love the floral motif in this room from the fabrics to the pillow designs to the gifts. The exposed unpainted wood on the wall and the wooden flooring gives an air of coziness plus the rug is just divine. The couch, chair and the lovely coffee table indicates that this space is for intimate rendezvous, no gathering of many people in here but probably just for two. Love the simplicity of this living room but though simple it immediately gives a feeling of warmth and romance.

image: housetohome

A Charming and Inviting Kitchen

This is one charming kitchen... I just love the colors in this kitchen and I think that is what makes it not only charming but also so inviting. From the yellow walls, blue painted floors, the pops of orange which by the way adds immediate cheerfulness in any space, and the abundant whites, this kitchen will be a happy place for any cook. I also love the table and chairs at the center, I actually love having tables and chairs in the kitchen because I love doing kitchen chores (like chopping and peeling some veggies) sitting down as opposed to standing up, I know I have some lazy bones in me. And besides, when I'm cooking I often have a book with me that I read while waiting for the food to cook, or a card, notebook or stationery that I'm writing something on so I need a table and a chair. And besides, a vase of fresh flowers will always be a welcome sight in my kitchen.

image: ivillage

Living Room Glam

click on the image to enlarge

Oh I may be in a pink phase right now because as I look at my past posts they have a fair amount of pinks in them, and this one is not an exception. I am totally unconscious of it until this post...
Love this glamorous living room, okay I must admit the first thing that caught my eye is the lovely floor length curtain. I think it is so feminine, soft, and oh so gorgeous. Yes, I might just focus on one aspect or item in a room and can declare the entire room lovely because of that one single thing. Does it happen to you too? That you just adore one aspect of design or an accent in a room and fell madly in love with that space without considering the other elements or items. Ahhh... but this living room has so many other lovely elements, like the purple french settee, the two wide glass doors, and the mix of different textures and colors that make this glam living room so lovely.

image: Jarlath Mellett

A Gorgeous Dining Room

I am in awe at the gorgeousness of this dining room, furnished minimally and simply but its total aesthetics is perfection to me. Love the floor length pink drapes in that wide and tall window that ushers in great natural light. Nice details on the fireplace and the ceilings. The chandelier is not imposing but an elegant touch to this gorgeous space. I find the cabinet in the corner divine, it is so lovely that you know that the treasures inside it are as lovely too. And I know you do like the mirror, but I love the 'Bon Appetit' sign more.

images: OakManagement

Romantic White Bedroom

There's not much I can say about this bedroom. It is what it is, a romantic white bedroom. I love looking at it, something in this image that makes my heart flutters a bit. Maybe the lovely flowers scattered almost everywhere, maybe the wine, the simplicity of having an all-white bedroom, or the mattress on the floor filled with lots of pillows or the charm of those lighted candles. I love the blue bench/table, alone in there but definitely holds its own, I'm pretty sure you noticed it too.

image: weheartit

A Charming Airy Open Kitchen

This is a gorgeous open kitchen... Love the timber structure that somehow serves as a demarcation between the kitchen and the dining area. I love the concept of an open kitchen such as this because it allows the cook or whoever is busy in the kitchen to interact with the people in the dining area, it is very suitable especially if you are always entertaining guests or it could be a perfect space for family gathering. The floor looks great and so is the big window that invites so much light...and who wouldn't love those books orderly arranged in that bookshelf. I don't know about you, but books are a welcome sight in any room of my house. I love the idea of having a bench on one seating side of the long dining table, makes the space look casual, and the 3 mismatched chairs opposite is a charming touch. Plants... oh I love having plants indoors. And I love the sleek kitchen design of this charming airy open kitchen.

images: ApartmentTherapy

Charming and Cozy Living Room

There are days when I just long to lounge around a lovely living room such as this. I find this living room very charming and cozy, and very inviting too... a good place to just laze away the hours probably chatting with girlfriends and having some snacks. Love the simplicity and the very feminine style of this space, the use of different fabrics and their lovely patterns is very pleasing. And who wouldn't like an abundance of natural light in their living room?

image: CasaDiez-Elle-Es

Colorful Asian Bedroom

Tracy Murdock asian bedroom

Love the pops of girly colors in this Asian bedroom. The bright colors and floral prints give a fun and energetic feel but they don't overpower the room, there is still a touch of cozy and comfort in this bedroom. And you can't ignore the comfy settee with soft pillows. I don't understand what the Asian artwork says there, but I like it... adds a bit of interest and aesthetic. This bedroom is not so spacious but looks so lovely. Do you like the bed crown in here? or is it too much drama for you?

A Nook with a View

I just love the big windows in this space and the wonderful view it shows off. I love the blue and green color combo because they create a cool and fresh vibe, in here shades of blue are used in the interiors and the green lush garden for the outdoors but somehow the two spaces are created to be side by side and meant to be together. Nice choice of furniture too, minimal and allows the inside space to breathe. What is your take on this lovely nook with a view?

image: Dillon Kyle Architecture

A Cool Guy's Bedroom

(click on the image to enlarge)

This is a cool bedroom for a cool guy. I was thinking about my son when I saw this bedroom, it would be so perfect for him, at least that's what I think. My ten-year old son is about to start taking his guitar lessons and I'm so excited. Well, most girls love a guy who can play a guitar, there's just something sexy about a guy who can strum a guitar and if he can sing well too it would be perfect. I know my son is still too young for me to think of girls going after him. Love this room not only because of the presence of a guitar which to me denotes coolness but also there are books inside, so it means that the dweller is also into reading and hopefully an intellectual too, did you notice the open book on the study table? I also adore the glass windows that allow a view of the garden and the presence of a balcony that could be a space to relax and entertain friends. Nice carpet and an inviting bed covered in white sheets is just splendid. And this bedroom is so neat too, oh if only my son would grow up to learn how to keep his room neat and orderly then I'll be one happy Mom.

image: fancycribs

A charming Blue and White Bathroom

I love the blue and white color combo. It is simple, easy on the eyes, time-tested and relaxing. Makes you think of skies and seas. And when this color combo is used in a bathroom, you'll definitely end up with a gorgeous bathroom that is serene, laid-back, relaxing, and neat looking. I heart the powdery blue wallpaper in this bathroom that complements the almost all white surroundings. The claw-foot bathtub is gorgeous as well as inviting plus the his-and-hers sink is definitely a dream for me. Candles and flowers for me is a must in my bathroom, definitely scented candles and only fresh flowers will do. Oh and a mirror too, every woman wants to look in the mirror after taking a bath, preferable while drying her hair and body with fresh soft towels.

image: MyHomeIDeas

A Fabulous Bedroom

This is such a fabulous bedroom, clean white sheets and white curtains always get me when it comes to bedrooms. I know white sheets need to be replaced frequently but I love them. The rug is such a delicate touch in this bedroom and it being white and a bit fluffy may raise maintenance concerns too, oh but it looks so great in there. The turquoise chair is divine, right? It must be so lovely to spend some time in there reading with that gorgeous chandelier above to illuminate. Oh and I love the door that leads to that veranda, it looks spacious too and allows natural light to get in, too bad we can't see what's in there.

image: Burnham Design

A Small Girly Bedroom

I could definitely sleep here... this girly bedroom looks really inviting. Love the white brick wall behind the bed and did you see the carving details on the bed? Love the crystal chandelier, the gold mirror, and even that little floral lamp. I love the simplicity of the soft curtain, and that chair...oh I can see myself sitting and reading there, wrapping that lovely shawl to keep me warm and maybe a hot choco to be placed beside that clear vase.

image: InteriorAlchemy

A Simple Reading Nook

I find this simple nook beautiful. In fact, I'd love one right now, oh yes please, I need a place where I can read quietly with a black deck chair where I can recline comfortably and read for a couple of hours and a little hairy skin on that deck won't hurt as far as glam factor is concerned. I love the globe on the table beside the window, nice touch really, I don't know about you but I love globes and maps... and on the walls are pages from a book, drawings really. I'm not much on reading while sitting straight on a chair, but that old Danish chair looks so cool and there are times when I like or need to underline some parts of what I'm reading and that table and chair is what I need. And I just love the abundant natural light coming from that window, beats any light fixture to illuminate what you're reading on a bright sunny morning.

image: skona hem

Pink Lounging

Oh its definitely the pink settee that got my attention, maybe because I'm in such a mood to relax and take a little rest or that I am really loving some pink today but it really looks inviting, really perfect for a little carefree lounging. Oh and if I have a settee or pink sofa as long as this, I would definitely share it with some friends, you know, a space for the girls to gossip and chit-chat while eating home-baked cookies and drinking hot coffee or choco. But then again, you have to notice and love the white walls, the flooring, the chair, the rug, the mirror and yes the books...the books are sure to be interesting... on this lovely space.

image: ApartmentTherapy

What a Fab Living Room

( Click image to enlarge)

So fab... Every piece in this fabulous living room is an eye-catcher... The lovely couch facing two chairs might be a traditional arrangement but the pieces makes it so chic and stylish and with the presence of that rich and opulent looking white rug below that frames these pieces there is gorgeous perfection. And by now I'm pretty sure your eyes already caught a glimpse of that comfy pink armchair on the corner and the gold chair on the lovely wall. And I'm so lovin' the soothing and colors used in this fabulous living room.

image: ArchitectureAtLarge by Rafael de Cárdenas

A Lovely Eclectic Dining Room

(Click image to enlarge)

I love the eclectic design style used in this dining room. The two different pairs of chairs is lovely and might be the first thing one might notice in this dining room together with the glass-topped white round table but the chandelier above is stunning and the brick walls look perfect even in this kind of dining area, in fact I love the brick walls in here so much because it added a warm and charming feel to this eclectic styled space. And who wouldn't want that glass walls that is framed by arched bricks? The huge mirror also has stamped its presence in this lovely dining room. And if all that is not enough, they've also thrown in a billiard table for entertainment.

image: Applegate Tran Interiors

Cozy Neutral Colored Bedroom

Wow!... I am so loving this neutral colored bedroom with a little touch of orange. I love the woods in here too, especially the antique headboard. I think a bit of antique in a room is really nice, gives the space a bit of soul and history. And the wood bench that serves as table between those two comfy chairs is pretty cool. The walls are Seapearl by Benjamin Moore, and I'm pretty sure by now you already noticed the mirror and the lovely clear vase in front of it and the lovely lighting. I just love the coziness of this bedroom. What are your thoughts on this bedroom? Please do share.

image: House Beautiful

Inviting Backyard Hammock

Oh I have so much to do today... I just wish I could just take a nap for a little while in this inviting hammock/hanging bed. It is lovely isn't it? A little romantic with a touch of whimsy. I love the surrounding, looks really cool, some kind of a hideaway or a little private place. Now I will have to take my nap here in my little virtual hideaway...

A Fresh and Rustic Bedroom

This bedroom is so cool, I even find it dreamy...yes dreamy. It is rustic, fresh, and elegant and I love it. The brick wall is softened by the crisp white sheets and the lovely chandelier above provides elegance, and the two side tables and lamps provide a little symmetry making this bedroom pleasant to the eye. And notice the varying textures in this room, so good.

image: source

A Dream Craft Room / Home Office

Oh this craft room/ home office is drool worthy:) well, at least for me. I'd love to hide away in there and just let my creativity pour in large amounts, now that would be a good way to waste some precious time. I love how the shelves are used, not only for storing but also for displaying those photos, buttons, glitters, and others colorful craft items. I love the way the swatches are being hanged and the table is really spacious, a must for serious craft making. And did you see the lovely reminder there? Live and Love...

image: onelittleword

Award Time

I received this wonderful blog awards from the lovely Priscila from Priscila Peters Decor. Again, thanks so much. After this award, I have to play by the rules...

The Rules:

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Seven (7) Things About Me
1. There's nothing I love more than traveling with my family.
2. I love making crafts. Digital Scrapbooking is a hobby of mine.I love making personally designed photo stickers of my son and sticks them to our ref...
3. I love curtains and change them often.
4. I am nail polish crazy. I love trying every new color that comes out. And I'm so excited to try the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips.
5. I love reading books and watching movies...and I love memorizing wonderful quotes/lines from them.
6. I have two Masteral Degrees.
7. I love chocolates and almost all sweet goodies.

And I am passing this award to ten Lovely Blogs:


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