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Homey Bedroom with a Bohemian Vibe

This homey bedroom
looks so comfy,
a perfect place to spend
hours relaxing.
These days I spend
the most time in my
bedroom, working,
reading and yes
sometimes even eating.
Looking at this well
designed bedroom
that looks so inviting
inspired me to make
really nice changes and do
some decluttering
on my own.
Hope you will be
inspired too
to design and arrange
your bedroom
with this
 homey bedroom
with a bohemian vibe
as inspiration.

I love the whites 
in this homey bedroom.
The dominant white colors
make this bedroom
have a serene
and relaxed feel.
The smoky green
accent wall
gives color
and contrast
to this bright bedroom
with abundant
natural light.
The bed looks so comfy,
and the white and green
color combo of the
pillows and duvet
ties in with
 the overall room color.
The double carpet
looks cool
and nice,
with lovely textures
and patterns
giving a 
bohemian vibe
to this bedroom.
Oh, I also love the
symmetry of this room,
I just love some balance
in my rooms and in my life.


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