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Eclectic Home Office

This is my kind of home office.  I know it looks eclectic and I love it.  This home office might inspire me to do more and be more creative but on second thought... maybe not, too much distraction if you ask me, but oh so welcome and beautiful distractions.  The books, yes, all these books will make me scan them or read them even in times that I have to work, but oh I won't mind.  The decors and furniture look fab and I love the chairs... all of them including the ottoman and that 1960's floor lamp looks awesome too. I really love how this eclectic home office looks.

image source: ElleDecor


A Romantic Bedroom

I heart this romantic bedroom, so inviting and oh so charming.  Love the bed curtains, they look so dainty and feminine, and of course romantic.  I love the wood beams and the plastered stone walls, adds a lot of  cozy and warm vibe in this romantic bedroom.  Maybe if I can spend a couple of nights in this romantic bedroom, I'd get enough sleep and then my stress and anxiety would melt the following morning.  Have a wonderful week ahead everyone ♥

Immaculate White Bathroom

 I love the look of this immaculate white bathroom.  It is spacious, looks real clean and orderly, love the windows and how they allow light to come in, nice tub at the center and two sinks and cabinets so to me that means a his and hers which is my dream so that the hubby can do whatever on his side and I get to prettify my side, plus I love that light fixture above.  But then my son came in the room and said this looks too clean which reminds him of hospitals and disinfectants, yes that's what he said, but don't mind him he is just eleven years old... just kidding, actually my son's opinion of things are very important to me young as he is, needless to say I don't look at this bathroom the same way I did before my son's comment.  What do you think?  Lovely?  or too clean/white?

Happy and Calm Living Room

Love this beach den/living room.  I love how happy and calm it looks.  One would have no time to whine nor complain or be negative in a space like this.  And it has a wonderful view of the beach and just a few steps from it.  I just love the white couch and the cool colors that are used in this room.  Plus the artwork looks really cute.  Have a lovely day everyone.

Pretty Patio

  I am so loving this pretty patio.  The table is simple but looks adorable and the pastel themed table setting is so cute and very pretty and there is a table for little kids too.  The floor looks wonderful and the flowers too. There is also a tent area where other guests can lounge around.  This looks so simple to do but there are times we put up things to do that will make our lives more beautiful and fulfilling, we tend to have so many excuses and alibis as to why we didn't do the things that will make us happy... here's hoping you'll be inspired to create pretty little spaces that will lift up your spirits ♥

A Lovely Purple Dining Room

You've got to love this dining room, small but so elegant and stylish.  I love the tufted purple chairs and I equally love the table which to me is so beautiful with its somewhat already distressed state and its charming details.  The chandelier is beautiful too and so is the wall mirror which I think is used skillfully in this photo to show how lovely this purple dining room really is.  And the candelabras too are beauties in that lovely dining table.  I'm inspired by this purple dining room and this image goes straight to my inspiration folder.

image source: coloursofbeauty

Love this... this is really inspiring, at least for me ♥

A lovely Deck with Spectacular View and a Pool

Oh I wish I could just be here today and maybe a couple more days.  I am so stressed today, really personal matters and I just wish I could just get away from it all and come back when everything is fine and well.  Do you have days feeling like this?  I think we all do but hey I am not wishing it on anyone.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone and to all the wonderful mothers out there... Happy Mother's Day!  Celebrate all you mothers, you deserve it

Simple and Serene Dining Room

I am loving the beauty of this simple and serene dining room.  It has that rural charm that makes us feel welcome right away.  I also love how minimal the furniture pieces are, only the necessities here, no clutter and no unnecessary accents.  And I adore the lovely flooring, so does the table with its benches and a chair at the end.  This dining room may lack some decors but it has a pitcher of beautiful fresh flowers and a plant by the window which for me is better.  The glass windows, the beams, and the lighting adds a lot of loveliness too.

Oh this made me laugh and think too.  True or not?

A Charming and Soothing Living Room

This is such a charming and soothing living room.  I will definitely feel relaxed in here.  The comfy sofa looks so inviting for some seating or even for a little nap.  I'd immediately feel comfortable in a living room like this, not pretentious at all.  I love that window that looks out to a beautiful garden and the drapes look so delicate and feminine.  Yes, this is definitely a feminine space, and it looks so lovely.  The hanged artworks look wonderful and that one little vase certainly takes one's attention, it got mine.  Nice pops of color in there too, a little of pink, lilac, and celadon certainly did their lovely touch in this charming living room.  Oh and I could already picture myself reading a nice book by that window sitting in that lovely chair and my feet up on the ottoman.  Have a nice day!

This is so true... hug someone, love someone.

Grey Living Room - What do you think?

What do you think about this grey living room. Looks great or not?  At first sight, I loved it, and then I was easily bored looking at it.  I'm mixed on this room, sometimes I think its dull but I love the little pops of color courtesy of the pillows, I love grey but then again is it overdone in here.  Love the modern look and how organized everything is, but then again sometimes I long for some coziness that a lived in look exudes.  Hmmmm... I really want your thoughts on this one.  Have a wonderful week ahead!

Pink and Orange Bedroom

Pink and Orange...yes, they work well together.  Isn't this bedroom so inviting?  Even with just a bed, bedsheets and pillows?  I won't have any complains taking some rest in here. 

Happy Weekend Everyone ♥

White, Blue, and Green Kitchen

Oh what a beautiful kitchen.  So bright and looks so fine.  I love the floral sapphire blue wallpaper, so feminine and pretty.  Nice island too and what wonderful shade of green it is, I love the open shelving on the side and those cookbooks.  I don't know about you but I love reading cookbooks especially the ones with sumptuous looking images, yes, I read the recipes and imagine doing them even if I know I'll never have the time to cook them.  Nice butcher block countertop, I always fancy having one in my kitchen, I'd like to fancy myself doing the dishes Tyler Florence, Martha Stewart, or hey maybe the French dishes Julia does... and I'd like a countertop like that to chop my ingredients.  I just love the white cabinets and window, they made this room look brighter and more spacious.  And just look at that chandelier above... so lovely.

This put a smile on my face.


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