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An Elegantly Designed Bathroom

This bathroom has elegance and classiness written all over it. From the colors to the flooring to the glass encased shower to the mirrors, lamps, and chandelier… it is all elegance. Its spaciousness is pleasing, gives you ample space to move around and even offers a little sitting area for you to park yourself when you felt like it. I love the two lavatories, probably a his-and-hers, for those of us who have to share we would welcome such a pleasure of having our own space in the bathroom. And it is even a good place to start morning conversations with the better half. What more can I say? This bathroom is perfectly elegant.

Photo: Liz Levin

Far from a boring Kids’ Bathroom

This playground looking kids’ bathroom with an under-the-sea theme looks so cool. The colors, decors and patterns used are fun and lively, really perfect for kids. The lavatory, mirror, rugs, and even the easel show wonderful design artistry that not only incorporates function but also gives value and importance to what kids want. The flush toilet is playful and the inclusion of a television set would make any child proud and happy. Imagine yourself being a child/kid again and having to be able to watch your fave show while doing some potty time ... hmmm must be a blissful privilege. And I love the idea of having chalkboard walls on this bathroom. If we enjoy having a blackboard in our kitchen don’t you think the kids will love them more in their own bathroom? Something for them to make doodles and sketches, and if we’re lucky we might get some cute and loving messages from them too… something to lighten our load when it’s time to clean their fun and far from boring bathroom.

images: HGTV

Invitingly cool and stylish Conservatory

I love looking at this inviting and stylish conservatory. The abundance of purple hues and splash of other colors makes this conservatory lively, cheerful, and yet still not too flashy to be a space that one can go to for some relaxation. It is not only a good place for some downtime and relaxation but can be an ideal sitting room to receive close friends for some intimate conversations or some chit-chat and fun time. I just adore the look of the coffee table…and the floor lamp and of course the lovely leaf-design rug. But what I really love about this space is the see-through walls that allows natural light in and allows one to see the plants outside … any place with plenty of plants would get my thumbs up.

Image: House to Home


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