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A Bedroom fit for a Queen

This bedroom is stylish, opulent, and very comfortable. I say this bedroom is fit for a queen, not necessarily a royal queen but any queen of the house should be given the privilege to sleep in one of these bedrooms. Although I love the minimalist and modern look in the bedroom, there are still times when as a woman I would get to see one of these stylish and opulently styled bedrooms with bed crown, fancy chandeliers, and lovely luxurious drapes and it is enough to make me dreamy and long for some chance to be able to experience how it is to stay in one. I love the elegance and symmetry of this bedroom, the use of luxurious fabrics and pleasing color, the chandy, the invitingly lavish bed and the lovely chair beside it.

Image: William R. Eubanks

A Modern Thai Style Bedroom

This is a very tranquil and relaxing Thai bedroom with very distinct modern touches. The comfortable platform bed plus the wooden art piece beside the bed gives this bedroom an Asian feel. The artworks are calming …not too bright which is in compliment with the relaxing ambiance of the room. Except of course for the Marilyn …but that one looks cool. And I simply adore the clear acrylic “orb” chairs that hang from a chrome frame…if I could only have one of those hanging orb chairs I won’t mind if I don’t get to lounge on it just the pleasure of having such a mod and luxurious piece is enough to thrill me.

photo: NYTimes


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