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A Modern Thai Style Bedroom

This is a very tranquil and relaxing Thai bedroom with very distinct modern touches. The comfortable platform bed plus the wooden art piece beside the bed gives this bedroom an Asian feel. The artworks are calming …not too bright which is in compliment with the relaxing ambiance of the room. Except of course for the Marilyn …but that one looks cool. And I simply adore the clear acrylic “orb” chairs that hang from a chrome frame…if I could only have one of those hanging orb chairs I won’t mind if I don’t get to lounge on it just the pleasure of having such a mod and luxurious piece is enough to thrill me.

photo: NYTimes


Unknown said...

I actually get to live in a Thai house a week a year during my business trip in Bangkok....that they have the same bubble chair you featured. That chair is my favourite place when I am on the computer.

vicki archer said...

A lovely bedroom...I love the chair, xv.

Jordan said...

I love the bed! I'd love my room to look like that! :p

Anonymous said...

For some reason that round swing chair makes me think of GET SMART's cone of silence ;-)

Anonymous said...

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