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An Outdoor and Indoor Bathing Space in One

This is a luxurious bathroom, make no mistake about it. It may have a shower outside with its all natural feature and look but just a step away is a luxurious tub and bath space. This bathroom may not be as spacious as most plush bathrooms are but it sure has an airy and roomy feel and setting. You even have access to natural light anytime you want it. You can take showers during the day enjoying some sunlight and even take your showers underneath the moonlight or stars above at night. If you are not the outdoorsy type of bather you can just put your feet up and soak up and relax in the tub inside enjoying the simple yet elegant indoor design of this bathing space. I love the beautiful flower arrangement atop the tree stump inside, it makes the space inside fit with the nature-inspired shower outside.

Designer: Slifer Designs

An immacutely relaxing Home Office

Awww…this is such a nice home office or study. So immaculate looking, not cluttered, and looks so relaxing. The turquoise decors and accents just stand up and the artwork adds up some panache to this calm space. I love a big enough table like this one on my study or home office, makes it easier to sort out my things and gives me enough space to scatter them in front of me when needed. And the storage spaces on the cabinets are very much welcome to any home office or study, a spot to keep some knickknacks or even junk we still want to hold on to, of course I am not advocating you to keep your junk but most women are guilty of it. And as what you might have already notice, this home office will be most likely favored by women like me. But hey, there is no stopping the men to have a home office or study space like this one, after all, the colors used are favored not only by women but also by some men but maybe get a bigger and a more masculine looking chair for men. This is a good design for a coastal home or a beach house, a peaceful space to do some reading or work if needed.

Design: Carter&Company

A Modern Country Living Room

Don’t you just love a white living room? I do. Whites make a space look relaxed and cozy and when you add accents and decors with color they just pop up and brighten the room. Although a white living room may not be easy to maintain I still believe that the beauty and ambiance of it far outweighs this disadvantage. This modern country living room is predominantly white but the red wall just made it come alive. This living room looks simple and very tranquil. The plants, fruits, and even the firewood in the fireplace makes one feel that the place is just very close to nature. I love the rug and the chandelier and the floor lamp too, and oh the painting is just so eye-catching. I heart this modern country living room, don’t you?

photo: Living at Home

So Much Cheerfulness in this Room

This room just exudes a positive vibe. The yellows used in this home space makes it warm, cheerful, and oh so inviting. This space is actually a sitting room but hey, I can also see it as a bedroom and a living room. This sitting room is a good place to have happy conversations and tea or coffee with your friends. The floor space looks so nice and cozy too, friends can simply sit down there during chitchats. I simply adore the daybed and the many pillows on it, so comfy and relaxing, and definitely one of the main attractions of this happy space. Everybody loves to be happy. See the puppy? She's probably waiting for her girlfriends to come over.

Designer: Marcy Masterson

A Dome of Books

A little too overwhelming? Nah! At least not for me. This library might be too big for some of you but I love the grandness of this library. The design is very sophisticated and elegant with its marvelous dome ceiling, its interesting circular structure, and its many built-in bookcases. The comfortable sofa and armchairs with their Brunschwig & Fils slipcover would be relaxing and soothing to any book reader. The plush rugs from Stark add style and color to this very opulent surrounding. It would also be a good place to hold confidential meetings or intimate gatherings. I can see myself comfortably sleeping in that big soft sofa like I always do after a long read. And just to let you know, the second-floor gallery has a secret stairway hidden in one of the bookcases to allow access on books located there. How cool is that, having a secret passage just to get a hold of the book you want.

Architect: Thierry W. Despont

Interior Designer: Vincent Fourcade

Photo: Architectural Digest


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