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A Lovely Bathroom

My heart skipped a bit when I saw this lovely bathroom. Oh everything in it is perfect. From the white tub and its lovely faucets to the lovely chandelier that would provide warm lighting for night baths and relaxation. I'm in love with the rough flooring of this bathroom, for sure I would not slip and it gives a rustic and cozy feel. And a little veranda on a bathroom? Why not?

A Colorful White Bedroom

I heart this room. This colorful white bedroom, (I know if its white, it must not be colorful but this one is) is what I really want and need right now especially that my cough and colds are on a high. The white walls, ceilings, and marvelous white floor really made this room so very relaxing and the colorful elements inside it especially the fabrics makes you feel the sunny and fresh vibe of this bedroom. And I love the lamps, especially the reading lamp beside the fab round green pillow. I love reading before sleeping, and yes, sometimes even when I have cough and colds I read before sleeping. The chic chair, the lovely tables, the simple painting, and especially the blanket makes this white bedroom so lovely and so inviting. Actually, this white bedroom is my kind of bedroom these days.

A Home Office with an Inspiring View

Wow! what a view. If I have a view like that while posting on my blog, I think I can write really cool stuff that would dazzle even the smartest one in blogosphere:) Okay the table could be a little bit wider because I love working on a wide space, too many papers and knick knacks around my desk, oh but I definitely love the bookshelves on both sides. And the tufted chair puts a little glam on this home office plus the pink flowers puts a touch of warmth and coziness. Actually, flowers are welcome in every place of my house because wherever there are flowers the place becomes more inviting. The only downside I can think of if I have a view like this is that I could spend hours staring out and not be able to do a thing at all.

Image: My Ideal Home

Reds are a Blue and Green Dining Room

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I just love how the reds are popping in this blue and green dining room. The chandelier and the lamps are so gorgeous I really would welcome them in my own home. And reds really look good with white, I think we all learned that already when we were in grade school learning about the flags of different countries. The wenge finished dining table is also a presence, it is simple yet sturdy looking, I actually like that in dining tables. The dining chairs are so lovely having two different upholstery pattern for front and back that matches the color of the walls and curtain. Oh I still can't get enough of the reds in this dining room.

Image: Freshome


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