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Red, Gray and White Living Room

I love the serene and tranquil
ambiance of this red, gray and white
living room.
There is an unexpected
beauty and charm
from the combination of
these three colors.
I love the elegant and lovely
red sofa that pops out
beautifully in this living room,
not at all awkward
nor unpleasant in a serene
living room full of grays and whites.
I love the white rustic
center table
and the books and corals
on top are perfect, I just
hope that these books are
being read and not just
design accessories.
The flooring is lovely
with its natural and raw
look and style.
The natural light
coming from that gorgeous
white door is so much
welcome in this living room.
The gray walls are calming for me
and gray walls may be too 
simple for some people
but I just love gray walls
because they are not loud and
has a touch of elegance
in them too.
And that white mirror
is another eye catcher,
placed above the red sofa
and having that gray wall as
backdrop is lovely.
And that lighting fixture
holds its own charm
in this red, gray, and white
living room.


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