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Chic Colorful Pink-Walled Living Room

This living room may be
too colorful for some people
but to me it looks like a
happy place.
This living room looks
so chic,
I love the gallery wall
and its mismatched frames
and artworks.
I heart the carpet and all
its colors and though
the colors are many
and the pattern is not easily
I love the stylishness and 
wonderful mix of it all.
I love the chicness of the
ghost chairs combined with
the super comfy and gorgeous
tufted couch.
Oh and that white elephant
coffee table looks so
perfect in this chic living room,
I personally would prefer
an elephant with its trunk up
as some believe that
it brings good luck,
but this white elephant
looks elegant and lucky too.
Have I already told you
that I love elephant designs
of all kinds, be it in jewelry,
paintings, and home decors
 and accessories?
Oh yes I do love them.
And of course,
I love the bright pink walls
that makes this chic living room
such a lively, inviting
and fun living space.


This lookbook may be a little old
but I still love the fabulous
Jewelry Pieces here,
plus Behati really is
a gorgeous and fantastic


Aje Resort 2020


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.