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A Relaxing Romantic Bedroom


Oh how I heart this 
white bedroom.
Looks so dainty
and inviting
and I really find it romantic
and relaxing too.
And look,
it also has a balcony with
an amazing view.
And look at that bed
so inviting
I would not have a hard
time sleeping there
even if I'm insomniac
I think I can sleep there early.
And isn't that tall white
ceiling divine?

I love the beach
and this one looks amazing.
See how a man can seem so small?
I just love nature.

Lovely bun

Polka dot balloons.
love it.


Glitter Heels
I want!

Shoe Love

Maybe I'd walk more fashionably
if I have shoes like that.
Gladiator inspired but oh so fab.
And that coat and bag... gorgeous.

Peeling an apple never looked
this glamorous.

I want one.
We are just three in the family
but each of us have
a different kind of juice to take
to the beach next week.
This will solve that problem.

What a dramatic staircase.

will always put a smile
on my lips.

What a glam spot.

Heart-shape sweets
I love them so much.
Just don't tell my Doctor.

My mouth is watering
looking at these delectable
Japanese foods.

Yes please.

  Gosling is always welcome on my blog.


Romantic and Rustic Bedroom

I love this rustic 
and romantic bedroom.
I love the exposed beams
and of course the
pops of pink
especially that lovely
pink chair.
And I love that charming
chandelier too.

So cute
And I want!

Lace and Pearls
So Lovely

Shoe Love

Oh the nails,
the bracelets and ring,
and that lovely wedge
I do covet.

Drew looks so beautiful here
And her gown is fab.
And look at her pearls...amazing!

I love beautiful cups
with flowers.
And it has books too.
Just some of the things I love.

Cool braid.

A girl in tulle and heels
and in a bike... so gorgeous.

I just love a place like this,
so charming.
A perfect outdoor dining space.
And look at the chandy.

A drink in a mason jar
always looks so refreshing
and extra cool to me.

Oh so cute.

Verona, Italy..
notes left by people on the doors/entrance
 of Romeo and Juliet. Wall of Love

Fabulous gown.

Necklace love.

Love the details of this gown.

Where is this place?
Looks so idyllic.


Lovely Dining Room

 There is something charming
about this lovely dining room with a
rustic sturdy farm table
and mismatched chairs.
And who wouldn't love that
big rustic mirror?


Chic LBDs and red heels... just Wow!

I'd love to have this
in my house.

I'd love to rock a shoe like this.

Something here that I love
must be the bow or the heels
might be both.

A lovely romantic spot
that we oftentimes don't even bother
with because we're so busy going to our destination.

Kissing couples... I just love them.
Couples kissing on a bike.. I love them more.

I love these freshly baked.
I have to confess,
I can't eat any other way... must be freshly baked.

It is such a wonderful world we live in
we see it in nature
and we see it in man-made landscapes too.

Fabulous arm candies.

A lovely sophisticated knot
and a very elegant dress...
and such fabulous back detail.

Pink and Fabulous

Love the mix of patterns.

A lovely chandelier
will still be lovely anywhere you put it.

Such a sexy outfit...
You just know Summer is just around the corner.
Can you still rock this dress?

 Sweets that look so delish 
like this one
makes me forget to count my 
sugar and calorie intake

Wish I could look
this chic doing my errands with my bike.

Ahhh... Summer!
Destination: Beach


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.