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A Lovely White Dining Room with Pops of Pink and Blue

 This lovely white dining room may
be small
but it looks so fresh and charming
with the wonderful pops of pink and blue
And I love the bench
makes the space look
comfy and relaxed.
Dining here would be
intimate with the closest family and
friends and with the most interesting secrets
and gossips being passed around.
Well, the last part
would just be my imagination.

 Bradley looks super cute here.

Oh how I wish that these
cute pink gifts would go straight
to my place.

Wow! What a fabulous pink gown.

Eiffel in black and white
with balloons and a child.
love it!

I love book lovers like Reese

Cute Colorful Toenails
perfect for Summer

I just love chandeliers on trees
it looks so whimsical
and if its pink
and surrounded by flowers...
I love it more!

Oh I heart this look,
simple shirt top,
cool jeans, and lots and lots
of accessories.

Love this Dior dress.

The cross necklace is a beauty.

I wish I'm here.

A couple holding hands with Eiffel as backdrop.
There something so comforting
in holding hands... don't you agree?
Whose hands would you hold right now?

Pink heart on a bread,
so pretty.

How fabulous is that hat?
Quite big? No, just perfect.

Looks so refreshing.
Oh I'd like to have one please.


spiral style said...

Love waking up to your inspiration. That white dining room is great for all the reasons you mentioned. I love clean white and all the places where the colors pop are places that can easily be changed with the seasons or on a whim.
Your dress picks are awesome. I so wish I had more occasions to wear dresses.
Any photo with the Eiffel tower or a beach are places I'd rather be.

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post, darling!
Love that pic of Bradley Cooper!


awhite said...

I love these photos- so inspiring. Between the gorgeous decor and Bradley Cooper (so hot, am I right?), I love it!


Casa Très Chic said...

You're in the Spring mood, beautiful post, lovely colors.
Have a nice day.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I love all the pink images....I don't know where to start. That pink chandelier is sooo pretty, wish I had it. The colored toe nails got me as well. Pink is such a happy color. Thank you for making me happy today.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, the cross is BEAUTIFUL too.
Have a sweet day,

Unknown said...

Your blogs are so inspirational!! Love it! Thanks for the comment!

Megan, said...

i need more pink in my house! Xo Megan,

life is style said...

so lovely pics :)

Chicago Chic said...

Love the Paris decor and that bench shot! Amazing!

Unknown said...

I love each picture and thought more than the next--just delightful!

xo Mary Jo


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